Ultimate Life Lessons From Mahabharata That You Should Follow

The richness of the Indian culture, ideologies and morals are largely borrowed from the teachings of the two major Hindu mythologies, Mahabharata and Ramayana. Out of these, Mahabharata is the longest epic poem ever written in the world and this Sanskrit epic pro-actively narrates the Kurukshetra war fought between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. But in actual, all the happenings in the epic saga are life lessons from Mahabharata and renders priceless teachings about philosophy and devotion that actually can provide solutions to various problems in our life.

In fact, if we have a sneak peek at the practical life lessons taught by Mahabharata, then we will able to face obstacles in life with a fierce attitude and we can eventually find happiness and peace of mind for ourselves. To know what teachings of this epic can influence your style of living, then read the below important life lessons from Mahabharata.

Ultimate Life Lessons From Mahabharata:

1. Being kind, humble and generous is not enough to live life.


The way Karna’s life moved, we realised, more often than not, that the world is an evil place to survive in. And to ace it, we must understand how it really works.

2. You need to fight for what you think belongs to you.


The Pandavas never stopped fighting for what rightfully belonged to them. Their courage and determination is definitely something to admire and learn from.

3. Learning throughout life is the best gift you can give yourself.


Arjun grasped whatever came his way. Not only did he learn the best of military science from Drona, but he was also interested in learning about divine weapons from Indra. He learnt about Pashupatastra from Mahadev as well. Additionally, he treated Yudhishter and Krishna as his mentors too and continued learning whatever they had to offer.

4. You cannot be stopped if you are passionate about what you do.


Most of us know that Arjun was the greatest archer in the world. But Eklavya was even better than him. He hid behind the trees and grasped everything that Drona taught Arjun. His passion for archery and hunger for knowledge made him even better than Arjun at archery. If we need to pick the best one, we will pick this among the other life lessons from Mahabharata.

5. Sometimes, enemies come in the form of friends.


Although the Kauravas were more in number, their supporters were not really in favour of them. Bheeshma, Vidura and Drona secretly admired the Pandavas. Especially Vidura, who was the ultimate guide in everything the Kauravas did.

6. Never make anyone feel undesirable.


Never make anyone feel undesirable or it’ll come back to bite you. Arjun dismissed Urvashi and she cursed him to be a eunuch for a year.

7. A good strategy is what you need to sail your boat.


If Pandavas didn’t have Krishna and his master plan, they wouldn’t have witnessed the victory they did. It is one of the best life lessons from Mahabharata – Always have a plan in our mind

8. Bad company can ruin your life beyond imagination.


We all hate Shakuni mama, don’t we? He literally destroyed everything that the Kauravas owned, and he influenced them to be negative. If it wasn’t for him, the war wouldn’t have happened at all.

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