People Are Revealing The Truth Behind Their Social Media Lies

Social Media is a web of lies. People have learnt how to be cool on social media and how can they show their not-so-cool side on the social media. They have become the master of Social Media lies. Although our lives are sad and full of misery yet we show that we live in a different non-existent world on social media.

Recently, a famous rapper Bow Wow was caught lying on Instagram where he implied that he was flying on a private jet. All was going well and the people were showering him with thousands of likes until a Snapchat user posted a picture of the rapper on a regular commercial flight and exposed his lie. After that, people on the social media started a hilarious #BowWowChallenge in which they are revealing the truth behind their social media lies. Twitter users posted tonnes of pictures explaining how they have learnt the art of social media lies. Have a look at these pictures posted by them.

1. Seems like words like Traveller and Wanderer only exists in books.


2. See how this Forever Alone guy mastered the art of Social Media lies.


3. When you want to impress boys on social media.


4. Well, this #BowWowChallenge has just escalated to a whole new level.


5. Apple is not going to be pleased after seeing this.


6. Meet the legend who is up for a challenge with the Tiger Woods.


7. This woman will teach you how to live a luxury life on Social media.


8. When you can’t find a partner in real life but you still don’t give up.


9. Just make sure you don’t get drunk too much.


10. This is how you relax on a vacation with zero budget.


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All we can say that this #BowWowChallenge is taking the internet by storm and exposing millions of social media lies. If you also want to throw some light on your social media life, you can leave us a comment.


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