Top 10 Places To Visit In Europe That Are A Dream Of Every Traveller

Millions of people travel from all over the world to Europe just to get a taste of its rich history. We know that there are a plenty of beautiful places in Europe and it’s a dream of every traveller to visit these places. If you are the one who is planning to visit Europe soon and searching for the best places in Europe, then don’t worry, we got your back on this. Today, we have come up with a list of top 10 places to visit in Europe that should be in bucket list of every traveller.

From Iceland to Istanbul, from Scandinavia to Sicily, Europe has literally everything to offer you can wish for, like cultures, languages, and styles. So without wasting much time, let us check out the top 10 places to visit in Europe.

1. Rome, Italy


First on our list of top 10 places to visit in Europe is Rome. If you are going to visit Europe soon, then you can’t just miss Rome. Rome is the capital of Italy and you can visit there to experience its rich culture, historic sites and food. Also, it has been voted as the best place among the top 10 places to visit in Europe for quite a few years now. You should visit Colosseum which is the largest amphitheatre ever built in the Roman Empire. Moreover, Rome has plenty of archaeological and artistic treasures, that won’t disappoint your sure.

2. Paris, France


If you want to feel the romance, then you should visit Paris. As they say, “Paris is always a good idea.” and if you are the one who loves to travel romantic places, then Paris should be on top of your list. Believe us when we say, it will be very hard for you to leave Paris. Paris is full of iconic museums, monuments and churches. We know many cities are beautiful in their own way.  But, Paris for all these reasons and more is the world’s most beautiful.

3. Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is the second-largest metropolis in Spain and a world-class city. It is a destination packed with famous attractions like La Sagrada Familia and Picasso Museum. It is the most photogenic city in the World. If you want to see great art, then you just need to take a walk in Barcelona. It is due to the diverse collection of architecture that makes the city stand out. If you are an art lover, Barcelona should your best pick among other top 10 places to visit in Europe.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Every year a lot of people head out to Amsterdam because whatever you are looking for in a city you will find it in Amsterdam. You will find everything there from floating flower market to Vondelpark, legendary nightlife to awesome coffee shops. Amsterdam is well-known for its charming and easy-going atmosphere. More than 300 festivals take place each year in and around the city. If you ask for the best season to visit there, it will surely be summer when the streets and canals transform into something you have never seen before.

5. London, United Kingdom


Britain’s capital city, London is a vibrant arts and entertainment centre. Basically, London is the New York City of Europe. You will never run out of unique things to see and do in London. From royal palaces to the people’s parliament, from Roman ruins to castles, London has endless things to offer. A place that you should visit is the British Museum which displays the world’s finest collection of antiquities, containing more than 13 million artefacts from the ancient world.

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6. Venice, Italy


Venice is globally considered as the most beautiful city in the world and if you are looking for the top 10 places to visit in Europe, make sure you add this place to your list. It is a place for everyone, from romantic gondola rides down the Grand Canal to theaters, churches to historic sites and notable eateries, the city has countless things to offer. Someone has rightly quoted, “It’s the kind of place that’s spectacular in every shade of light.”

7. Florence, Italy


If you want to get a taste of authentic Italy, then Florence is the place for you. It boasts renowned museums, beautiful architecture and it’s a heaven for the authentic cuisine lovers. Sometimes, we feel that is an underrated travel destination of Italy. Florence is a treasure trove of astonishing artistic wealth with sculptures and paintings everywhere. If you are visiting the place soon, make sure you visit Boboli Gardens.

8. Prague, Czech Republic


Dubbed as the “Prettiest City in Europe”, you dare not to skip Prague when you are talking about the top 10 places to visit in Europe. Visiting there is like stepping onto the set of a fairy tale. Prague will never disappoint you because it has everything to offer that you any traveller can wish for. From red-roofed buildings, artistic museums, beautiful bridges and cobbled streets, the city is absolutely stunning.

9. Athens, Greece


Athens may not be the most beautiful city in the world but it is really everything else. It is one of the world’s oldest cities. Legend has it that the goddess of wisdom, Athena, and the god of the seas, Poseidon battled to be the Patron God of the city. When Athena created the olive tree, symbolising peace and prosperity, people chose her and named the city after the goddess. If you want an out of box experience, visit the city of Athens and if you are a hardcore Instagrammer, then this place should be your best pick when it comes to top 10 places to visit in Europe.

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10. Istanbul, Turkey


It’s interesting to note that half of Istanbul rests in Europe while the other rests in Asia. As per the legend, three empires – Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires fought to claim the city’s real estate as their capital to dominate trade between the Mediterranean and Black Seas. From Ancient Hellenic sites to modern-day architectural feats, the architecture of Istanbul is magnificent. The city will never fail you, all you need to do is add this city to your list of top 10 places to visit in Europe.

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