8 Strange Things That Are Banned In India

India is a land of diversity and traditions and it is also well-known to preserve them. Recently, Government of India was on a rampage to ban everything they also found these things offensive like Beef, Porn etc. In fact, last year was dubbed as “Year of Bans” due to the things that has been banned in India. So, lets take a look at some strange things that are banned in India:

1. Kissing in Public or PDA:


You know its like that only ‘You can piss in public but you can’t kiss in public’. But, it’s almost unbelievable that a country with world’s second largest population doesn’t believe in expressing love.

2. Beef


Here’s the thing, you can eat Goat, Chicken, Fish by killing them but, I dare you to kill a cow because in India we believe ‘Cow is our mother’. Hypocrisy at its best.

3. Dancing in Bars


This one amazed many people, dancing in bars was banned. This was the only source of income for many Bar Dancers back there and the government put ban on it for some ridiculous reasons.

4. Porn


When Government will understand, that Porn/PDA are not offensive until they are in limits. Banning everything that came across over traditions is not the solution.

5. Foie Grass


Rather India has become the first country to ban the import of foie gras after an animal activist group said that the same method used for producing the duck liver delicacy was cruel.

6. Nirbhaya “Daughter of India” Documentary


It was a single source of facts and people involved in that brutal act. Government also didn’t liked the fact that general People will be aware of these things.

7. Advertising Alcohol


Just like in some states of India, Alcohol is banned , they don’t like the fact that it is publicized because Driving while seeing Alcohol Advertisement is injurious to health.

8. Fifty Shades of Grey


Indian Censor Board is achieving new heights by each passing day. Since, they are on a rampage to ban offensive scenes in a movie and its believed that they certified only “Sanskari Movies” and Saas-Bahu Serials.

At last, we can say to Government of India- Please don’t ban this post. So, if you love this post, then share it.



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