Can You Solve This Tank Puzzle And Tell Which Tank Will Be Full First?

This Tank Puzzle is taking the Internet by storm lately. Even the most intelligent people can be seen going baffled over the right answer. Although it seems like it is a difficult one to crack because it looks like it may involve complex concepts of fluid mechanics but that’s not the case. If you have studied simple physics in your school, then you may be able to solve the puzzle easily. Look at the four tanks below and tell us which tank will be full first?

Tank Puzzle


1. Air Pressure is same on all tanks.
2. The flow rate of water pouring in Tank 1 through Tap is equal to the water going out through the opening.

Just start scratching your head and try to find the answer to this tank puzzle. Let us give you a hint that it involves a simple understanding of the Law of gravitational force. Now, you have all the assumptions and a hint from us. If you can solve this puzzle, then you can claim that you have a genius mind and if you aren’t able to solve or if you want to check your answer, then click on the ‘Show Answer’ button below.

Tell us the truth, did you gave the right answer to this Tank Puzzle? If yes, then share this post with your friends to see if they are smart enough to solve this puzzle.



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