3 Subwoofers for Audio Lovers

Every audio lover knows how a proper subwoofer can totally change every listening experience. Many can settle with loudspeakers or an audio device that comes with smaller subwoofer version like this soundbar: Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2. However, a separate, full-sized subwoofer offers satisfying volume levels, rich bass, and sound quality that can better enhance any modern audio gadget you can have. Let’s take a look at 3 of them.

1. Sony Xplods

  • Rated- 380 Rms
  • Impedance – 4 ohms
  • Shape – Round
  • Voice Coil – Single voice coil

These are cheap, and yet will satisfy your craving for bass. Rated at 380 watts RMS and 4ohms, they seem to be weak subs, but don’t let the rating fool you they have been known to have more power applied to them than that. Even though they are single voice coil, they still sound good with a reasonable amount of clarity. And while they are cheap, they are durable enough to last you for years.

Bottom line: If you want some cheap subs that are durable with a satisfactory sound then these are perfect for you especially if you are a beginner and this is your first sound system.

2. Kicker Solo Baric

  • Rated – 600 RMS
  • Impedance – 2 ohms
  • Shape – Square
  • Voice Coil – Dual voice coil

You may be surprised to see this sub on my list, as they can be incredibly sloppy in sound production. This subwoofer will get loud but it will miss some notes and fail when it comes to accuracy.

Nonetheless, when you install it into your car, and you turn it on, be warned that your ears will receive a deep ear wax cleaning. Your first experience hearing this sub might astound you with its sheer volume and how loud it can get. This sub’s ability to reach extremely high volume is due to the shape of the sub—the square shape makes for more surface area then a rounded shape which in-turn leads to more air that is pushed when this thing bumps.

In summary, high surface area means louder sub, but a horrible voice coil leads to poor quality sound production, it is sloppy but still satisfactory but that’s all they are is satisfactory.

3. MTX Thunder 8500

  • Rated- 500 RMS
  • Impedance- 4 ohms
  • Shape – Round
  • Voice Coil – Dual voice

With the T.V air time on the MTV show Pimp My Ride, many people gained the impression that this sub or brand at least would be at the top of every list. Although this is close to the best and can in some cases be hailed as the best subwoofer, on this list, it is not top dog. The reason for this is that other subs are can be clearer and tighter in their bass production.

In listening to other top subwoofers and comparing it to this soundbar, you can easily distinguish the difference in clarity with this model. You might think that this is a subtle difference, but it matters when it comes to sound quality. However, if have opted to choose raw power over clarity, then this subwoofer can really be good for you.


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