Look At These Stunning Traditional Wedding Attire Around The World

Wedding is a ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. Although wedding traditions differ from country to country and region to region. And with wedding traditions, traditional wedding attire around the world also changes. While the rituals and customs are set as per the tradition of a particular region, yet Brides and Grooms look fabulous in their wedding dresses or attire. We bet you won’t be having any idea that how many different traditional wedding dresses are there in the world and moreover, how beautiful those attires are.

We have come up with some of the best and beautiful traditional wedding attire around the world. Let’s have a look at those stunning outfits.

1. Scottish Wedding


In a traditional Scottish wedding, Groom wears the kilt of his clan for his wedding. And the bride wears a shawl matching with her new husband’s clan colors to show their love.

2. Chinese Wedding


The red color is considered to symbolize Good Luck in China. So, mostly you will find the Chinese bride wearing a red color outfits. Sometimes, the couple also wears a blue and red headpiece.

3. Indian Wedding


Red Color is usually considered auspicious in India. You can find Indian Brides in Red or Pink sarees. While the tradition changes from region to region, so you can also find the brides in yellow sarees if you go to South India.

4. Japanese Wedding


In a Japanese traditional wedding, Bride usually wears a pure white Kimono which is accompanied by a colorful outer robe. While Groom wears a black color jacket and loose skirt-like hakama with vertical stripes.

5. Brazilian Wedding


Bride and Groom are very likely to follow US traditions in respect of bridal wear. Usually, Bride decides to wear a White Wedding gown as white is the traditional color. And mostly, the dress is accompanied with gold shoes. While the Groom usually wears a black color suit.

6. Norwegian Wedding


Traditional Wedding Attire in Norway is called a Bunad. The typical bride wears a long white dress and her groom will have on a black tuxedo.

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7. Ghanaian Wedding


One of the most colorful traditional wedding attire around the world is from Ghana. Traditional Wedding Outfits in Ghana are usually loud and full of colors. Also, it depends on the family to choose the cloth pattern and mostly, it will be same for both the Bride and Bridegroom.

8. Malay Wedding


Weddings in Malay are held as per the Muslim customs. A traditional Malay outfit like the baju kurung or kebaya can be a safe choice and brides often wear dresses that include colors such as purple, violet, and cream.

9. Korean Wedding


In a Korean wedding, bride’s attire might include a white sash with significant symbols or flowers. A headpiece or crown may also be worn and while for a groom, a jacket, trousers and an overcoat are worn.

10. Indonesian Wedding


One of the most shining traditional wedding attire around the world is from Indonesia. While, there are many different traditions in parts of Indonesia, yet one can find the wedding couple in red and yellow-colored outfits for the wedding.

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