A Must Watch Short Film For Inspiration- Ambani The Investor

Monday is over and the motivation to do things has already fizzled out. Isn’t life like a local DTC bus for most of us? After moving a few paces, it needs some ” dhakka start” again. Since quarter of the year is already over, we could all do with some inspiration to get our life moving again. So, we have a short film for inspiration, just for you.

An inspirational short film has a way of making anyone to ponder about it for a short time. Considering a 10 minute or so film in a movie theater might never happen, lots of people miss on the powerful nature of a short film. Lots of these films are freely available on the web if you can find them. Check out one of the best short film for inspiration.

Short Film for Inspiration:

So, do let us know how many of you got inspired from this short film and how many of you decided to be the next Ambani?. Always remember, we are the master of our own destiny. And, it is us who are going to change it for better good. So, be your master and create your own destiny and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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