15 Amazing SEM- Scanning Electron Microscopic Images

All the common objects are kinda boring when you look at them, but the situation changes when an awesome Electron Microscope comes in the scene. We mean, take a look at the Salt and pepper image. Isn’t it cool? Is like you’re eating massive stones and pieces of wood. Next, check out the 50x zoom of various common things. Oh my god, we have some ugly eyelashes! Anyway, in this article you can see 15 amazing SEM- Scanning Electron Microscopic Images that look from another planet:

1. Refined and raw sugar crystalsSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-3

2. Toothbrush bristlesSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-4

3. Ear wax collected on cotton bud fibersSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-5

4. Instant Coffee GranuleSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-6

5. Sutured woundSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-7

6. Vinyl DiscSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-8

7. Mascara BrushSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-10

8. Cat FleaSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-11

9. Guitar StringSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-12

10. Used Dental FlossSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-14

11. Common HouseflySEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-13

12. VelcroSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-1

13. Computer Hard Disk Read/Write HeadSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-

14. The eye of a needle, threaded with red cottonSEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-0

15. Larva of a Bluebottle FlySEM-Scanning-Electron-Microscopic-Images-9-1


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