School Activities That Boost Student Engagement

The key to understanding a lesson in class is engagement. If a teacher is able to have the full attention of every kid, then the daily lesson can be digested properly by students. To ensure understanding of lessons, teachers are encouraged to engage with every student and make them more curious about a subject – perhaps even more passionate that they tend to join discussions rather just listening to others.

Boosting student’s engagement increases motivation and progresses a student learning that can eventually give them awards and recognitions in school.

Here are some school activities teachers can practice in class to emphasize engagement.

Multimedia and Technology – Incorporating multimedia and technology is an effective way to encourage class participation even outside the classroom. This way also, students and teachers will be constantly connected and can give and receive feedback immediately. You can also make Social Media a medium to share relevant content, posting instructional videos and facilitating group discussions. However, you should enforce strict guidelines for the use of technology and social media.

Writing and Journaling – Writing exercises such as journaling is also a good way to keep them engaged by letting them express themselves as well as improve creative thinking.

Make the subject relevant to them – Students find a subject engaging if they can relate to it. You can use real-world examples and trending stories or current scenarios aligned to the subject as well as to students’ areas of interest. Just make the subject meaningful to them.

Inquiry-based Learning – This involves undertaking own research to arrive at an answer. One great example is by performing an experiment. Students like to explore and that helps deepen their learning. This way, they are more likely to feel motivated and participate in the classroom. This is the reason why International Curricula such as IB Years Primary Programme is becoming one of the most effective educational frameworks that boost child engagement.

Challenge students – Call upon your students regularly to fire up engagement and keep them motivated. Ask their opinions about the subject being discussed. Remember to always pay attention to what they are sharing and show care with what they are saying.

Get in touch and inform – Make sure students are well-informed whenever you leave for vacation and provide alternative line of communication such as email address or mobile phone. Encourage continuous collaboration and leave community space open so questions can still be immediately addressed by anyone in your online community.

Celebrate success – Make sure the active participation in class is always noticed. By simply watching a Youtube instructional videos or commenting in a group discussions can be deserving of validation. Celebrate accomplishments to keep students motivated and make them proud of what they share and work for in class.

These activities can effectively boost a student’s engagement. Technology can be taken advantage of since a student nowadays uses mobile devices and the internet. The next thing to do is keep the connection and continuously provide meaningful lessons and engaging learning journey.


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