10 Photos That Give Enough Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

It is a scientifically proven fact that women live longer than men. You can argue with us that it is because of the genes or because the god has made them like this but the reality is there are some insane reasons that will tell you why women live longer than men. You may find the reasons funny and hilarious but it’s reality. We have collected some pictures of men doing their day-to-day job, risking their life(when there is no need to risk) just because¬†of their carefree attitude.

The below photos will surely give you enough reasons to believe why women live longer than men. At first, these men will look dumb to you but we think this carefree attitude is in their blood. Let’s have a look at these not-so-ingenious men and try to figure out why they have a short lifespan.

1. Because using a lighter is too mainstream for this worker.


2. Because you can never experience the thrill like this man hanging at the cliff.


3. We really hope that these men are safe and fine.


4. Now you know that why women live longer than men, don’t you?


5. How not to risk your life 101.


6. Because safety is for kids, men don’t care for themselves.


7. Just a normal day at work for this electrical engineer.


8. Because safety harness is very expensive these days, more expensive than your life.


9. We are not sure whether we want to Salute or Slap this man.


10. Who need eyes when you can walk with a blind cane?


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We think these photos speak themselves that why women live longer than men? If you have male friends who are also like these no-so-ingenious people, share this post with them.


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