10 Photos That Will Clearly Tell You The Meaning Of ‘Friend Zone’

For all of those who are living under a rock and are unaware of the term Friend Zone, then let’s have the privilege to tell you the meaning of this term. In modern times, it is a situation in which one member of a friendship wants to be a lover of the other while the other doesn’t want the same. Usually, we see a lot of memes on the internet regarding guys being friend zoned by the girls and we use to laugh hard at these memes.

And if you are still confused about how it feels like being friend zoned, we have collected some photographs that will clearly describe what Friend zone means. Have a look at these helpless and wannabe boyfriends and please have a moment of silence for our friends in the friend zone. We really hope that they get out of this dangerous emotional situation very soon.

1. When you are holding your Bae’s bag so that she can pose for a photograph, then you are in Friend Zone.


2. A moment of silence for our friend who is struggling to get out of the zone.


3. When your bae demands that particular pose and you’re left with no choice.


4. Introducing the next mayor of Friendzoneville.


5. Here comes one more contender for the same post of mayor of Friendzoneville.


6. You know you are deep into Friend Zone when you click group photographs for your bae.


7. On the path of getting friend zoned.


8. Welcome to the whole new world of Friendzoneville.


9. When you are a passionate resident of Friendzoneville.


10. Finally, it’s time to meet the President of Friendzoneville.


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If you can relate to the above pictures, then we are sad to inform you that you are also a victim of Friend Zone. Also, if you liked this post, share this post with your friends and loved ones.


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