10 Pics That Prove James Fridman Is The Funniest Photoshop King Ever

If Photography is an art, then Photoshop is too an art these days. While there are many people out there who owns the software with their great Photoshop skills. Yet there are people like James Fridman who completely kills it when it comes to mixing Photoshop with humour. For those of you who don’t know James Fridman, he is a designer who trolls people on social media who requests him to edit their photographs. He takes their requests too seriously and makes their pictures look like they wished for.

Furthermore, James Fridman first invites users to send in their pictures & requests. He then edits those with Funny effects and sends them back with a perfect message. As of now, he has more than 560K twitter followers. Check out his work below and make sure to share it with your friends and loved ones.

#1 This Guy got a lesson of his life after he lied to his friends.James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius-5

#2 That will do the work.James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius-8

#3 He’s off to Miami with some really hot girls.James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius-7

#4 Be careful about what you wish for.James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius-4

#5 Didn’t you got enough of it?James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius-2

#6 Make sure you specify everything when you request James Fridman.James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius

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#7 Perfectly Done!James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius-3

#8 Anyone but not him! Hey, Indian guy! Are you happy now?James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius-6

#9 Also, make sure that you check your spellings in the request. Never confuse the Photoshop King.James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius-9

#10 Been there, Done that. A perfect shot, isn’t it?James-Fridman-Photoshop-Genius-10

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