10 Humorous Quotes That Will Bring A Smile On Your Face

We all have read so many inspirational and motivational quotes sayings in our life, no doubt they are helpful to lift our spirits but they don’t bring a smile to our face. If you want to bring a smile on your face, all you need to do is to read these humorous quotes that we listed down below.

These humorous quotes will not only help you to get through tough times but will also help you to laugh at your problems. Always remember, tough times don’t last longer and it will be a sweet ride if you face your problems with a bit of humour and laughter. Let’s give a good read to these wonderful humorous quotes below.

1. “99% Of All Problems Can Be Solved By Money And For The Other 1% There’s Alcohol.Humorous-Quotes-3

2. “When Nothing Is Going Right, Go Left.Humorous-Quotes-12

3. “They Say Marriages Are Made In Heaven. But So Is Thunder And Lightning.Humorous-Quotes-4

4. “There Are Only Three Things Women Need In Life: Food, Water, And Compliments.Humorous-Quotes-5

5. “He Who Laughs Last … Just Didn’t Get The Joke.Humorous-Quotes-6

6. “Age Is Something That Doesn’t Matter, Unless You Are A Cheese.Humorous-Quotes-11

7. “We Are All Born Mad. Some Remain So.Humorous-Quotes-10

8. “Never Have More Children Than You Have Car Windows.Humorous-Quotes-9

9. “Behind Every Great Man Is A Woman Rolling Her Eyes.Humorous-Quotes-8

10. “As A Child My Family’s Menu Consisted Of Two Choices: Take It Or Leave It.Humorous-Quotes-7

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Do let us know if these humorous quotes brought a smile on your face. If you loved reading these quotes, share this with your friends and family.


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