These 10 Hindi Words Are Recently Added In Oxford Dictionary

Words being added in the Oxford Dictionary is not a new thing for any for us. But, Hindi words being added in Oxford Dictionary is a very big thing for all of us. If you go through the list, you will come to know that some of the words added recently are super cool and their usage section is pretty awesome. Check out the list here:

1. ALOO- Indian PotatoHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary-2

2. ANGREZ- An English PersonHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary-3

3. GARAM MASALA- Spice MixtureHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary-4

4. BHELPURI- Indian SnackHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary-5

5. DHABA- Roadside Food StallHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary-6

6. BADMASH- Bad GuyHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary-7

7. JUNGLI- UnculturedHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary-8

8. ARRE- An ExpressionHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary-9

9. YAAR- A FriendHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary-10

10. ACCHA- Expression for OkHindi-words-in-Oxford-Dictionary



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