10 Hilarious & Funny Pranks That You Can Try On Your Friend

We all have a little prankster hiding deep inside us and sometimes it comes out just to have some fun and scare the other people. For that little monster, we got some of the most hilarious and funny pranks that are totally safe and can surprise and scare others at the same time.

We are 100% sure that the devil inside you will be very happy after seeing all these plans. All you need to do is remember these funny pranks and play it on your friends/colleagues whenever you get that perfect chance. Be it a party or a normal day at the office, make sure you succeed in playing these pranks on other people. Let’s check out these pranks and rejoice.

1. The boss of all the funny pranks and yet the easiest one, you just need to replace the Oreo cream with toothpaste and let your friends have one of those.Funny-Pranks-8

2. If any of your friends has a habit of sneaking into your house, then try this funny prank using an Air Horn. Funny-Pranks-7

3. If you want to scare the hell out of your friends, then you must try this prank.Funny-Pranks

4. Try this funny prank and let your friends wonder why there is no soap foam when they are applying it on their body.Funny-Pranks-3

5. The easiest way to scare the sh*t out of the hotel staff, arrange your bed sheets like this when you are leaving the hotel.Funny-Pranks-2

6. If you are working in an IT company, play this prank on your colleagues in the office.Funny-Pranks-5

7. Well, only an evil mind can think of a more funny prank.Funny-Pranks-11

8. We all have that one friend who loves his laptop, try this prank on him to surprise him.Funny-Pranks-10 9. Even the mightiest of your friends will fall prey to this prank.Funny-Pranks-4

10. If you have a little patience, then this is one of the best funny pranks that you can play on your colleagues and watch them wonder how this happened.Funny-Pranks-6

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Also, let us know if you can think of other funny pranks that can scare other people. If you liked these pranks, share this post with your friends and loved ones.



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