10 Expectation vs Reality Memes That Will Make You Go ROFL

We all know how much reality differs from our expectations. We all have seen that at every point of our life. 99% of things don’t land on our expectations because the reality is completely different than what we expect. We have often seen Expectation vs Reality memes on the internet and we usually laugh and connect with those because we know that it has happened with us before.

Just to refresh your memory and let you know that reality will never be close to what you expect from things, we have collected some of the funniest Expectation vs Reality memes that are created by some of the funny masterminds of the Internet world. Let’s check out these funny and hilarious memes.

Hilarious Memes

1. You know there’s a lot of difference between real life and what you see on the Internet, don’t you?Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes-2

2. When you try to look cool but instead become laughing stock in front of your friends.Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes

3. It happens every f*cking time we bought a new dress.Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes-9

4. We all can relate to the pain when we order something that looks delicious in commercials and in reality, it looks nothing close to the former.Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes-10

5. These Expectation vs Reality memes are so true.Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes-11

6. Because in reality, you are so lonely.Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes-4

7. There’s a difference in what you expect and what you get.Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes-5

8. It ain’t like the Matrix movie.Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes-3

9. When your New Year resolution is to get fit.Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes-7

10. This one is all of us trying to do things we see on the Internet.Expectation-vs-Reality-Memes-6

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We guess now you know the exact difference between expectation and reality. If you liked these Expectation vs Reality memes, share this post with your friends and loved ones.


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