Don’t Believe In Irony? Check Out These 10 Funny Examples Of Irony

Irony as per the definition means “the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.” Sometimes people fail so miserably that its almost success. Today, we are going to show you some of the funny examples of irony that will make you think of the situation twice. Check them out.

Funny Examples Of Irony:

1. Yes! we can read nothing on that stone. Absolutely nothing!Funny-Examples-Of-Irony

2. When you desperately want to prove the road signs wrong and can do anything for it.Funny-Examples-Of-Irony-2

3. Oh Yeah! Safety begins until you are thrashed by that train.Funny-Examples-Of-Irony-3

4. Quite Ironic! Nothing can break the unbreakable except this courier service.Funny-Examples-Of-Irony-11

5. When you get trapped in your trap. In your face, B*tch!!Funny-Examples-Of-Irony-5

6. When you want to show the world that you don’t care about the rules but then, irony follows you.Funny-Examples-Of-Irony-7

7. That’s what I wished for. Because Staircase are too mainstream in a Fitness Center.Funny-Examples-Of-Irony-10

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8. Who said that he is eating alone? He is accompanied by his loneliness.Funny-Examples-Of-Irony-4

9. That’s one of the best funny examples of irony. Talking about the quality, we never fail at what we do except making mugs.Funny-Examples-Of-Irony-8

10. Irony will haunt you for life if you take admission in this college. Level of irony is too damn high when the college of architecture fails in architecture itself.Funny-Examples-Of-Irony-9

Also, let us know if anything like this also happened with you or you can give us some of the better and funny examples of irony.


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