10 Of The Funniest ‘Who Wore It Better’ Photos On The Internet

Apparently, the internet is going crazy over ‘Who wore it better’ pictures and we also find it hilarious and worth sharing. We have collected some of the funniest photographs of people in which their dresses are strikingly similar to the things around us. Literally, fashion designers can take inspiration from anything around us; it can be shopping bags, a broken iPhone or even the shopping bags. Next time you want to shop a dress for you, make sure that the dress design is not similar to anything around you.

‘Who wore it better’ pictures on the internet are so hilarious that you won’t be able to stop laughing and you won’t be able to stop sharing these funny pictures. So here we present the all-time funniest ‘Who wore it better’ pictures on the internet.

1. Seems like this fashion designer took inspiration from a broken iPhone.


2. Is it only us or all of you think that the teacher’s dress is similar to that highlighter?


3. Someone, please stop Nicki Minaj from ruining our childhood.


4. Apparently, Mr President is also part of this ‘Who wore it better’ competition.


5. This funny photo of ‘Who wore it better’ is going viral for all the right reasons.


6. Ivanka Trump completely defeated that Burrito in a dress war.


7. Now, you decide who’s looking better, the model or the duster?


8. This kid is going places and we can’t blame his parents for that.


9. This gentleman on the extreme right knows how to handle any funny situation like a pro.


10. Now we know that why they say ‘Inspiration can come from anywhere’.


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So what do you think ‘Who wore it better’ in these hilarious pictures; the celebrities or the common things around us? Also, if you can’t stop laughing at these pictures, share it with your friends and loved ones.



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