10 Funniest Tweet Conversations Between Husband And Wife

You know what they say about Marriage, they say Marriage is all fun and we can’t agree more with the saying. Marriage can be love, romance, sharing moments or sleeping together but more than that marriage is the funniest thing that can happen to any of us and these funniest tweet conversations between husband and wife prove it. Do you have any idea what happens when couples share their funny conversations through twitter? Let us assure that the results are pure gold.

We have listed down 10 of the best and funniest tweet conversations between husband and wife that will make you laugh your pants off. And if you are already married, you are gonna love these conversations between the couples. Now, it’s time to find out who wins the Marriage war.

1. There’s a new invention called as laundry folding machine and guess what’s its name?Funniest-Marriage-Tweet-Conversations-5

2. If you are a married woman, then you are very well aware of her pain.Funniest-Marriage-Tweet-Conversations-4

3. This is how to make a comeback like a boss.Funniest-Marriage-Tweet-Conversations-3 4. Marriage is all about lying that how much you love your partner.Funniest-Marriage-Tweet-Conversations-2

5. Well, every lady in this world is a miracle.Funniest-Marriage-Tweet-Conversations-7

6. Someone, please give that man an Oscar.Funniest-Marriage-Tweet-Conversations-8

7. If you are married, you simply can’t miss a chance to insult your loved one.Funniest-Marriage-Tweet-Conversations-9

8. At no point in your married life, you should admit defeat.

9. Now, you know the difference between a wife and a husband.

10. Well with this tweet we surrender the case to you to decide who’s the actual winner, Husband or Wife?Funniest-Marriage-Tweet-Conversations-6

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Do let us know your experience about your marriage and if you liked these funniest tweet conversations between husband and wife, share it with your friends and family.


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