These Famous Hollywood Dialogues Translated To Punjabi Will Make Your Day

Sometimes, a single dialogue in a movie can make a movie epic and especially in Hollywood movies. But have you ever wondered if these famous Hollywood dialogues are translated to some other language, how would it sound? Today, what we are going to share some famous Hollywood Dialogues which are translated to Punjabi- an Indian language. You may have heard these

You may have heard these Hollywood Dialogues in a very manly voice. But when these Famous Hollywood Dialogues are translated to Punjabi, then the result is hilarious. These amazing posters made by Akshar Pathak for Minimal Bollywood Posters are truly brilliant. We are sure that you must be knowing a little bit of Punjabi because of your Punjabi friend. These posters are just too hilarious and it will completely change the way, you listen to these dialogues next time. So, without killing your excitment let us check out these funny and hilarous dialogues.

Famous Hollywood Dialogues Translated To Punjabi:

Luke, I Am Your Father!Punjabi-Dialogue-1

I’ll Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse.Punjabi-Dialogue-2

One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor.Punjabi-Dialogue-3

Spartans! Tonight, We Dine In Hell!Punjabi-Dialogue-4

I’ll Be Back.Punjabi-Dialogue-5

Mama Always Said Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates.Punjabi-Dialogue-6

I See Dead People.Punjabi-Dialogue-7

Houston, We Have A Problem.Punjabi-Dialogue-9

Source: Indiatimes

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