Is It Expensive To Live In Chicago

While it is true that the living costs in the US are getting higher and higher every year, Chicago still is one of the most affordable big cities. The cost of living here isn’t nearly as high as the other big cities in close proximity. Here we will give you a rundown on what to expect the living cost would be.


You will notice that there is a growing demand for new apartment buildings in Chicago. As you have already guessed the housing costs differ from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. As we have mentioned before the housing costs here are significantly less than the other states. Buena Park, South Chicago, and Austin are a few of the cheapest places to live in but they do offer quite an amicable environment nonetheless.

Moving up we have the River North and Streeterville with the highest rent. And of course, the apartment rents may vary considering the sets of furniture in them.


Chicago typically has a very diverse population. You can pretty much find any sort of cuisine that you might like if you know where to look that is. This makes it a very attractive place to settle down. the streets are dotted with different sorts of restaurants and fast food joints.

As for groceries, you can expect to spend about 300$ per month per person. The taxes induced on grocery items are notably less than in other big cities. If you are in a tight spot in terms of money then it is advisable to do your own cooking.


Gas, water, electricity, and garbage disposal are a few of the main utility expenses you would be facing which doesn’t really exceed 140$ a month. Now Chicago does have a high percentage of the tax rate on internet services and cellular plans. This does upset many of the newcomers but it is as it is.


Public transportation in Chicago is very convenient but used by a quarter of the population. The railway and bus tickets can cost a bit less than 3$ per ride. This is comparatively lower than cities like San Francisco or New York.

Now if you own a car, then you have to spend a bit more by the end of the month. The gas prices have indeed increased by fifty cents per gallon since last year and you expect it to keep on rising. Off-street and metered parking is considerably expensive in Chicago. But monthly parking expenses, on the other hand, are relatively less expensive.


Chicago is one of the most affordable big cities to live in. The living cost is significantly lower than say, New York or San Francisco. The tax rate on cell phones and internet services is a bit more than the national average but it still is quite affordable. Through the right planning and budgeting, it shouldn’t be a problem to find comfort in Chicago. After all, it is called the Jewel of the Midwest.


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