Ever Wondered Why Goa Is A Heaven For Travelers? Find Out Here

What comes to your mind as soon as you hear the name GOA?  Of course, it must be something like beaches, party and sunbathe…isn’t it!  Well, the reasons in your mind are somewhat restricted because there are plenty of other things, which Goa has in store for you. Affluent in various activities, this place will surely sweep you off your feet and leave you with amazing lifetime memories. There is no shortage of reasons to visit this wonderful destination because it has a lot more to offer than just beaches. Have a look at below mentioned list to get an idea that why Goa is a heaven for travelers.

Reasons Why Goa is a Heaven:

1. Party PlaceGoa-1

The open-air night clubs are the most popular hubs for party lovers in Goa. All the party animals can be found at one place without any doubt that is Tito’s Café Mambo. It is known as one of the most famous sites for an entertaining night. This club has also been awarded as “Best Nightclub in Goa”. Most importantly, there are several other cabarets where one can enjoy the wonderful night life culture of Goa to the fullest.

2. Water SportsGoa-2

Goa is no less than a paradise when it comes to water sports activities. Be it water skiing, banana boat rides, scuba diving and water scooter rides…all are enough to give you a feel of freedom. All these water sports will help you to get a thrilling experience that will remain etched in your memories for long. Goa is a heaven for all thrill lovers.

3. Shopping in Flea MarketsGoa-3

The flea markets of Goa are the best spot to shop till you drop as one can buy some unique stuff for oneself as well as for dear ones. Three major shopping sites in Goa including Mapusa Market, Saturday Night Bazar and Anjuna Flea Market are the best options for a shopaholic to buy items like dazzling jewelry items, handmade crafts, funky accessories and boho dresses and herbs. Shopping freaks with good bargaining skills will surely be able to fill up their bags with lots of sumptuous items here. Well, I would suggest you to go ahead for shopping in Goa with a bright smile on your face for maximum discounts.

4. ChurchesGoa-4

Churches over here counted among the best places to visit in Goa. The exquisiteness of these appealing churches draws attention of almost every single traveler. One can gather knowledge about the history of these houses of Gods or simply can go to attend the mass.  The major names of churches in Goa are Bom Jesus Basilica, Se Cathedral, Church of St Cajetan, Church of Our Lady of Miracles and Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

5. Goa CarnivalGoa-5

Celebrate the biggest festival of Goa, which reflects the rich tradition and culture of this place. Goa Carnival is a very unique and colorful festival introduced by Portuguese. It is celebrated here in the month of February for consecutive four days with all pomp and show, merriment and entertainment. So, if you are planning to visit here in the month of February then your trip is going to be an amazing one for sure.

6. Getting InkedGoa-6

Indulge in the frolic hippie land and get some traits of theirs like tattooing. Goa is known to be the best place where you can find some of the finest tattoo artists.  So, without thinking much, woo your spouse or surprise your folks by getting inked and take back a life time memory along with you. You will really love the place and these are the reasons why they call Goa is a heaven for travellers.

7. Bike RideGoa-7

Other best thing which you can avail in Goa is hiring a bike and going on a fascinating ride. Whether you are alone or with your friends, this option will work out for you in the best possible way. This activity will offer you a blend of adventure and sightseeing options. When you hire a bike just make sure you are not being fooled by the proprietors by being charged extra bucks.

8. Sunburn FestivalGoa-8

The famous Sunburn Festival is somewhat a coalesce of music, shopping, food and dancing fiesta. The festival is the leading electronic musical brand, which hosts a three-day musical festival in Goa every year in the month of December. This three days long fest is a big hit among the youth, where they enjoy with full fun and rhythm. This is also one of the major reasons that attract travelers every year to Goa.

9. Romantic Walks and Candle Light DinnersGoa-9

Couples usually look out for quiet and astounding places to spend some quality time together, so in that case romantic walks along beachside do wonders. There is nothing more romantic than the long beach walks and after that a surprising candle light dinner. If you are among the newlywed couples then don’t think much, just book your tickets. Go to this ravishing destination as GOA for a perfect honeymoon spot for twosome to spend wonderful time.

10. Enjoying on CruiseGoa-10

Cruising in Goa is a perfect way to spend leisure time at its best. It attracts globetrotter to experience pleasurable ride with lots of entertaining events on it. These luxury cruises are for adults and kids as well…for the reason that there are ample of activities to get indulge in with utmost delight.

11. Sunbathe and Sunset WatchingGoa-11

Goa is full of beaches where one can have the benefit of availing sunbathe. Beautiful sun set view is an ultimate treat to your eyes especially when you are with someone special. The glory of that sunset guarantees to sooth your soul and mind.

12. Relishing Sea FoodGoa-12

The Goan food is all about royal sea flavors that too with local culinary secrets. The cuisine of Goa is perfect to uplift your mood in a second. The food over here will pamper your taste buds and will make you ask for more options to choose from. Lot of dishes including Goan Fish Curry, Prawn Balchao, Fish Recheado etc., are offered here. Really, Goa is a heaven for food lovers.

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13. Exotic Beach LifeGoa-13

Goa is the most sought after destination for beach buffs in India. The beaches over here are the best thing to relax your mind as well as enjoy fun activities. You will feel free from all the hustle and bustle of city life as soon you step there. Being here one can never get that feeling of boredom. As one can find plenty of things to do on the beaches of Goa.

Also, let us know if you find enough reasons to believe that Goa is a heaven for you. Make sure to share this post with your friends, loved ones and do visit their soon.


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