Creative Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Baby Girl Turning One

Time flies! Your cute little daughter is turning one soon. She is a blessing for you, and you are enjoying every moment spent with her.  She is the glitter of your eyes and the joy of your heart. At the age of one, she might not be able to remember birthday celebrations. But, surely she will ask for the pictures after a few years. So, it becomes a mandate to start preparing for her grand first birthday celebration. You would already have a lot of people around you to guide you about menu, decoration and return gifts. But, deciding the cake design is something you need expert advice. Don’t worry! Here we come with the innovative cake ideas to make the first birthday celebration of your daughter fun-filled and full of jubilance. Check out the options:


1. Barbie Doll Cake:

Most of the baby girls are fond of Barbie dolls because of her sweet facial features, long hair, cute dress and incredible accessories.  Your girl’s 1st birthday is the best chance for you to make her bloom in happiness by ordering an elegant and beautiful Barbie doll cake online. It’s a complete package to please the senses of everyone around. Order it online and take the birthday vibes to the next level.

2. Daisy Duck Cake:

Daisy duck has been the favourite cartoon character of most girls. Her long eyelashes, ruffled tail feathers, elongated lips and a cute bow on the head makes her super sweet and charismatic. Daisy duck cake is the best option to woo your daughter on her first birthday. Her wow expressions will melt your heart right away. You will also be applauded by all the guests for the choice of cake.

3. Rainbow Cake:

Children are mostly fascinated with colours. Stunning rainbow cake decorated with rainbow frosting swirl around the edges and buttercream icing is another best cake option for your baby girl’s first birthday. This exciting cake can make the eyes pop, and at the same time, can prove to be extremely tasty as well. Rainbow cakes are readily available online and or even at local bakery shops. The designs may have slight differences but won’t leave a chance to make the first birthday celebration of your loving daughter more delightful.

4. Digit Number Cake:

First birthdays are always special. It’s the time to remember the incredible journey of your child. You loved watching your daughter accomplishing milestones from smiling to rolling to crawling to sitting, which is why the digit number cake in the shape of 1 is the best pick. Seeing this cake, your heart will be filled with emotions and will also attract eyeballs around.

5. Hello Kitty Cake:

Hello Kitty Cake is both gorgeous and delicious. Designed in the shape of a cute kitty, blended with buttercream, topped with fresh berries, meringue cookies and bow, this cake would be the showstopper of your daughter’s first birthday. If you are short of time, look for an online bakery online cake delivery in Hyderabad in the area where you reside.

6. Chocolate Gems Cake:

Enriched with luscious chocolate, and topped with gems, the Chocolate Gems Cake is irresistible. The delicious crunch in every bite satisfies senses to the maximum & gives an unforgettable heavenly feeling. The yummy cake would satiate the tiny sweet tooth of your daughter and would give her sweet goosebumps all day long.

The first birthday is a huge celebration, so give your cute baby the best gift ever by arranging the awesome birthday party and including the most delicious cake for her. The list is here, pick the one which you find most mouth-watering and would make your daughter feel on the cloud nine.



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