9 Cool Instagram Tricks For Teenagers – From Followers To Hashtags

We have seen Instagram grow to the top of the social media food chain in the last five years. It is the biggest thing in social media for brands and personal profiles. The beautiful design and super friendly user interface have made it the platform everyone can’t get enough of.

The quality and need for content have also taken a significant change in the present day. It is both easier to make and consume content online. We can all spend hours on Instagram, jumping from one story to another. Even making videos is very easy today, using simple applications like the intro outro maker online.

If you are looking to make an impact on Instagram, there are a few simple tricks and tips to keep in mind to see exponential growth. The single most important criteria for growing a personal Ingram account is to have fun. Don’t join the hustle for likes and fans — those will follow when you have fun.

Here are some of a few tips that you will find helpful. They might not fit your needs as they are, but they will spark more exciting ideas for you.


1. Make Your Post A Source For Engagements

Engagements are the most important hallmark of a fantastic profile. The reason we post photos is to achieve maximum engagements. The more people interact with your posts, the better your followers grow. Make a few posts each week that nudge communication. Using words like “comment your ideas below” and “like if you agree” — you can get seamless engagements for the posts.

2. Interact With Other Interest Posts

The concept of a “follow back” is quite flawed and hard to comprehend. One great way to build an organic following is by interacting with posts of other users with similar posts or interests. This will eventually lead them to your profile and hit that follow button. Make sure your comments do not look like spam. Add genuine value with the remarks you level behind.

3. Pre-Write Your Hashtags

Instagram allows you to post thirty hashtags for each post. These are simple tags that can improve your searchability and enable more people to discover your post.

It is a good idea to write these down on a notes file on your phone beforehand. This gives you time to pick the hashtags based on the post and ensure you write the most of them. Real hashtags of other posts to understand what ideas work better.

4. Write 4-5 Captions

You often post a photo and then just blurt out the first thought that comes to mind, which could be unclear or unrelated to the post. Write down a few captions before your post. In an ideal world, you should write at least four or five captions and pick the one that looks the best. The first thought might not always be the best one for your post. Check them for errors and typos a few times.

5. Add Motion To Your Posts

Videos are the more consumed and cherished form of content on the internet today. You should jump on the bandwagon and covert anything that can be made into a small video. A collection of photos in an animation, a vlog from a trip, a short boomerang video – all of these are more captivating than photos. You can use a free Instagram video editor online to do this in a few minutes.

6. Find Consistency In Your Profile

Over time you can expect new followers to come into your profile and check out your updates. It is very eye-catching when your whole profile has absolute consistency in the posts. You can achieve a very consistent grid if every third post you upload is of the same template or genre. You can also aim to use the same color scheme or fonts to better this impact.

7. Use The Location Tag On Stories

Adding a location tag will enhance the reach of your story to the whole region. When you post a story, you can click on the location tag and view all the stories in that area. Many people tend to surf stories in their region. Add location is a sure way to reach people in the same locality as you. This will further lead to more relatable engagements and followers.

8. Alter Filter Strength

When you add a photo on your feed, you are given the many infamous Instagram filters. These do not need to be posted as they are. Once you get the option, you can use the slider below to alter the filer’s strength. This will give your images a more subtle filter as opposed to making it look like any other photo. Also, keep in mind filters are only a last resort.

9. Post More, But Don’t Spam

You might have heard about “posting more” on Instagram. There are blogs online that will tell you that you must post at least once a day. All of this is true, but not on the verge of feeling like spam to your followers. The posts must be meaningful and relevant. They must spark some interest in the followers and not uploaded for the sake of filling a calendar.

In Conclusion,
The only trick you need to stick to is consistency. That is one of the primary reasons many people you follow are doing great. They keep a tab on posting an update regularly. If you keep up with posting a week and then go off the radar for a few weeks, it is sure to affect your following. Find the right frequency of posts and stick to it. Make sure you share something relevant and fun as often as you can.


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