10 Of The Most Brilliant Environmental Campaign Ads Ever Seen

The truth is that our world is facing a number of issues, be it animal abuse or global warming. Mankind has forgotten that nature has given them their precious lives, everybody is so busy in their own problems that they have forgotten the creator. Every year millions of trees are cut down, millions of animals are killed and harmful gases are released into the atmosphere. All that makes the matter worse and still, we are aren’t aware of their side-effects. To raise the awareness, various environmental campaign ads are created every year but there are only a few that have a great impact.

Today, we will show you some of the most brilliant environmental campaign ads we have ever seen. The creativity and the design of these ads have made them so impactful and that’s the reason these ads deliver a powerful message. Let’s have a look at the most brilliant environmental campaign ads ever seen.

1. Help others and it will come back to you.



2. Beaches will not clean up themselves, it’s our duty to do it.



3. Do you know Desertification kills more than 6,000 species a year?



4. These powerful environmental campaign ads show us the side-effects of using plastic bags.



5. Everything you throw away comes back to you, such is the power of Karma.



6. Stop the abuse, treat animals like you treat your family members.



7. Every 60 seconds a species dies out.



8. We have to start protecting the nature before it’s too late.



9. A brilliant ad campaign by WWF.



10. If you don’t pick it up, they will.


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