The Best Places To Explore In California

Now, there are a few places as beautiful around the world like California. Warm and pleasant through the year, it is got all you need – making it a perfect spot for a summer vacation.

If you are packing for a journey to the USA, California is undoubtedly a must-see sight. The acronyms of The Golden Gate or The Land of Milk and Honey speak volumes about California’s splendor, grandeur, and vibrancy. Throbbing with life and vigor, the place attracts millions of tourists across the world. The sights to welcome you are vast stretches of farmland, with California being one of the largest production hubs of agricultural products.

The state is also home to the famous Hollywood, Disneyland, The Golden Gate Bridge, and national parks. Here is a list of things that should be in your bucket list while exploring California’s bustling city.

Natural Landmarks in California

California is a haven of natural landmarks scattered across the state that would make you go wow. As you traverse along the historic highway 66, you would get a glimpse of Amboy Crater, a 6000-year old volcano. The Audubon Canyon in the state is home to blue herons and egrets that is a spectacle to watch.

You will also find the most extensive dune of the USA in California- the Imperial Sand Cliff. Another landmark is the volcanic Mount Shasta, form by hardened layers of lava. The Badwater is the lowest place in the USA to greet you with vast flat salt stretches.

Places to Visit in Northern California

Dotted with redwood trees, the mellow breeze of the coastline, the glam of the Golden Gate Bridge all make the northern part of California magnetically attract tourists. Take the Narrow Street Route 1, and you can stare agape at the most beautiful beach- Big Sur. Explore the world’s most massive granite monolithic structure, the surrounding walls, and pinnacles at Yosemite National Park, the oldest in the world. There is Santa Cruz, a serene coastal area with farms, wine, and redwood forests.

Adventurous Things to do in Los Angeles

There are some places every visitor must embark on to make a trip to Los Angeles memorable. You cannot wait or relax at your suite before you take a glimpse at Hollywood. Set out on Olvera Street and experience of a Mexican marketplace with delicious food, folk dances, handicrafts, entertainment from mariachi players. Get adjusted to a Roman décor and ambience at the Getty Villa.

The entry is always free, and the roman art and style will greet you. If you are in Los Angeles, you must get an experience of Universal City Walk with adventurous piano duelling, on-stage performance, and such exciting activities at Howl at the Moon. If you have an eye for bodybuilding and workout exercises, drop by at Venice Beach.

Places to Visit in Bay Area

The Bay Area comprises of nine places that touch the bay and is dotted with numerous beautiful beaches. Make your trip to Baker’s Beach and live a beach life to the brim, replete with soothing weather, serene charm, and mellow breeze. Visit the Sonoma County, famous for the wine production in the Sonoma Valley. Nicknamed as the “Microbrew Capital of the United States,” Santa Jose is the largest wine-producing county with other attractions like the Charles M. Schulz Museum.

You will get a liberal aura around when you step into Berkley city, from where many free and liberal speeches had originated. The city houses some famous universities, theatres, the Pacific Film Archive, and the Berkeley Art Museum.

Best Sunset Points in California

California stands out when it comes to natural beauty. It is home to the best sunset spots. Watch the star set beyond the horizon while splashing the sky with myriads of hues. Sit on the grassy benches and let the sunset, cliffs, ocean, and beach soak your entire soul at Newport Beach. San Diego seems to be the best romantic spot to watch the sun go down among the rolling and curling clouds.

What better than enjoying a visual treat of the sunset and Hershey’s chocolates together? Enjoy both at Huntington Beach, Surf City, USA. California offers nature, culture, glamour, food, and entertainment on one platter. Do not forget to get your bucket list filled and accomplished.

Planning Your Trip to the USA

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