10 Before And After Photographs Of Famous Cities Will Stun You

The good thing about the world we live in is the transformation. Our generation is lucky enough to have witnessed the outstanding change in the world. From small towns to big cities, the change in the world has been incredible. Today, we got our hands on some of the before and after photographs of famous cities of the world. These before and after photographs of the famous cities will amaze you with the transformation they have gone through within a short period of time.

From Dubai to Los Angeles, these famous cities have been through an incredible transformation. No doubt, the mankind has progressed a lot and it can simply be seen from these before and after photographs. Let’s have a look at the amazing photos below.

1. Fortaleza, Brazil


Brazil is often considered as one of the best travel destinations in the world. See the epic transformation of the place from 1970 to now.

2. Jakarta, Indonesia


The above photograph shows the incredible transformation of Jakarta, Indonesia in the span of 50 years.

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Within two decades, the transformation of Kuala Lumpur is unbelievable.

4. Los Angeles, California


See the incredible transformation of Los Angeles from 1878 and now.

5. Malaysia


Malaysia from 1970 and now, the development has completely changed the face of the city.

6. Tokyo, Japan


One of the most famous cities in the world in terms of development, Tokyo, Japan has changed a lot from 1920’s to now.

7. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


From 1975 to now, Abu Dhabi has developed so fast.

8. Beijing, China


See the incredible transformation of China from 1950’s to now.

9. Chicago, Illinois


Within a century, Chicago has become one of the most famous cities in the world.

10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


We all know that how Dubai has changed within a short span of 30 years.

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Are you feeling amazed after seeing these before and after photographs of some of the famous cities in the world? Leave us a comment telling us what you think about these cities.


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