10 Awesome Cricket Banners Ever Seen At A Match

It is probably the classiest game in the world and not only does it take technical prowess but also immense wit. As we know, cricket is a Gentleman’s game but we know the players like to show some aggression and wit on the field. Do you remember how many times, we have seen them doing witty things on the field? The wits, however, being the best part of the game, can be seen on and off the field. Talking about the off field, we see that fans are more mischevious than the cricketers itself. Let’s take a look at some of the most awesome cricket banners ever put up by the fans at a match.

Awesome Cricket Banners

1. Now there is a recipe to make runs.Cricket-Banners-1

2. A die hard fan of South Africa Cricket Team.Cricket-Banners-2

3. Not sure whether they are witty or innocent.Cricket-Banners-3

4. Fans love to tease Shane Warne.Cricket-Banners-4

5. Direct message from the heart.Cricket-Banners-7

6. Indeed, cricket is a gentleman’s game.Cricket-Banners-8

7. Someone is blushing in the dressing room.Cricket-Banners-9

8. That’s cute.Cricket-Banners-10

9. When you are ready to feast on the rivals.Cricket-Banners-6

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10. Sometimes cricket matches can be boring too.Cricket-Banners-5

Also, let us know if you have seen any other awesome cricket banners. If you are a true cricket fan, make sure to share this post with your loved ones.



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