Avoid Traffic Tickets With A Laser Jammer

Police issue a speeding ticket to drivers when they go past the speeding limit. There are ways you can protect yourself from their speed guns. You can avoid falling into their traps with a laser jammer.

Some people don’t know the difference between a laser gun and a laser jammer. The laser gun is a speed gun used by the police to read your vehicle’s speed.

Laser jammers are electronic devices that prevent police from getting your vehicle’s speed accurately when they try to take your readings. Police have different ways of reading your vehicle’s speed but when you have a sophisticated laser jammer installed, there is no way they can get the right reading.

Most people are interested in how the laser jammer works and especially when they hear how it has helped people avoid getting tickets.

How does it work?

Before you can understand how laser jammers can save you from a ticket, you need to know how the police LIDAR guns work. The LIDAR guns are speed guns that emit infrared light which is usually around a wavelength of 904  nm.

When this infrared light hits your car, it reflects the speed gun. The police speed gun then calculates the difference between the initial wave and its reflected light wave. This is how your vehicle speed is determined.

Now, if you have a laser jammer installed in your vehicle, what it does is to receive the infrared light coming from the speed gun. Instead of sending back the original reflecting lightwave, it sends a light wave that has a higher intensity. The laser jammer does not alter the wavelength of the speed gun. The result, however, is that the police gun gets confused and will be unable to get the actual speed reading.

How Laser Jammers Can Help You

Most people wish they had countermeasures to prevent them from getting speeding tickets. When the police speed gun reads your speed, you know how annoying it can be. Now that you know about what laser jammers can do to prevent such encounters, you wouldn’t want to hesitate to get one.

Laser jammers will help you get out of laser speed traps. With its ability to analyze the traffic laser signal received, you can definitely confuse a laser gun with a jammer. At the end of it, all the laser speed gun detects nothing and will display a non-read message to the operator.

If you buy a quality laser jammer, it should have a feature that automatically shuts down after it detects and confirms the laser threat from the police. This will prevent any suspicion from the police officer doing the speed reading for your vehicle. It is not always legal having this device in your vehicle. Constant jamming will cause attention and that is why you should get a good laser jammer for your car.

Speeding tickets take a toll on your points and can affect your driver’s license. If you end up with too many speeding tickets, you will spend a lot of money and end up losing your license. Investing in a laser jammer will save you from speeding tickets that can cause you to lose your driving license.


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