10 Funny Text Memes That Will Help You Win The ‘Text War’ Next Time

Text Messages are one of the evilest inventions of the world because once you send a wrong message to someone, it can’t be recalled and that someone now has a lifetime record of what you have sent to them. If you are the one who is always on the losing side in this Text War, then we can help you to win that war with these awesome and funny Text Memes.

We have compiled a list of some of the epic text memes that were sent by geniuses who completely own the conversation. You need to be witty, smart and above all you need to be careful before sending a text message to anyone. If you can’t be anyone of the said things, then just read the below funny text memes and learn how can you win the ‘Text War’ next time.

1. Learn how to be at your witty best from this gentleman.Funny-Texts-2

2. The next time you want to ask money from your parents, use these tricky text lines.Funny-Texts-9

3. Oh God! Why there are so many dumb people on this planet?Funny-Texts-4

4. How to impress your crush 101.Funny-Texts-5

5. Next time someone tries to be smarter than you remember this text meme.Funny-Texts-10 6. Well, this type of messages can land you in Jail.Funny-Texts-1

7. These are just the girly things.Funny-Texts-6

8. This is how you can be the best Dad ever.Funny-Texts-7

9. Well, I always wanted to get rid of my Ex and now, I know how.Funny-Texts-8

10. This text message is pure gold.Funny-Texts-3

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Tell us if you like these hilarious and funny text memes. Do share your experience with us where you completely thrashed the opponent in this ‘Text War’.


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