15 Indian Ads That Set A New Level Of Creative Advertising

Gone are the days when there were 2-3 channels on our television set and very few companies used to advertise on T.V. With increasing T.V channels and its popularity among the common man, every company wants to hit a high note with their creative advertising.

These Days 90% of the Indian Ads we see on the T.V are not even worth watching. But, because of the few creative minds in the industry, rest of the 10% ads are pure gem. Lets check out few of the Indian ads that set a new level of Creative Advertising:

1. Who can send a white-wash message with a blank Advertisement Board except Ariel?

Ariel - Creative Advertising

2. This Drink and Drive Ad by Bangalore Traffic Police is quite Eye Catching.

Creative Advertising - Bangalore

3. Why can’t others use the Beatles Album Cover just like this Ad by Kolkata Traffic Police?

Creative Advertising - Beatlesad

4. Crystal Clear Paint by Berger, isn’t it?

Creative Advertising - Berger India

5. This Anti-Smoking Ad is just Awesome.

Creative Advertising - Cemetry

6. Sometimes Delhi Police can be funny too, Kejriwal mind it!

Creative Advertising - Delhi Police

7. Everyone knows who is the boss of Clever Advertising- Fevicol.

Creative Advertising - Fevicol

8. Once again, Fevicol completely owns it!

Creative Advertising - Fevicol Bill Gates

9. This Ad by Mahindra is so sexy already that they didn’t bother to add any human models.

Creative Advertising - Mahindra

10. Naukri.com proves you don’t need money for advertising.

Creative Advertising - Naukri

11. This Ad for creating awareness about disability is quite powerful.

Creative Advertising - Tall again by Jaipur foot

12. Battle of Newspapers and guess who won- The Hindu because its not about Page 3 of TOI.

Creative Advertising - The Hindu ad

13. The best there was, the best there is and the best there will be – Tide.

Creative Advertising - tide

14.  The most innovative ad of Constipation.

Creative Advertising - Unload

15. This eye-catching ad by Yahoo is so perfect that it can’t get any better.

Creative Advertising - Yahoo