Amazing Stones You Should See Once In Your Life

Let your eyes feast on some of the world’s most beautiful minerals and stones straight from Mother Earth. We know that they say diamond’s are a girls best friend…not anymore! Today, we have made a list of some of the most amazing and beautiful stones that are way prettier than Diamonds. We are sure that most of you haven’t seen all these amazing stones in our list. So, next time you want to gift a precious stone to your girlfriend/wife, make sure it’s beautiful like those given below. Although these stones won’t be available for sale, but still you can try for it.

Amazing Stones

1. Luz Opal With Galaxy InsideAmazing Stones - 1

2. Sunset Fire OpalAmazing Stones - 2

3. Ocean Inside An OpalAmazing Stones - 3

4. Lightning Ridge Black OpalAmazing Stones - 4

5. LabradoriteAmazing Stones - 5

6. Rose Quartz GeodeAmazing Stones - 6

7. AzuriteAmazing Stones - 7

8. Titanium QuartzAmazing Stones - 8

9. BismuthAmazing Stones - 9

10. Fluorite/quartz/pyrite CombinationAmazing Stones - 10

11. CobaltocalciteAmazing Stones - 11

12. RhodochrositeAmazing Stones - 12

13. Opalised AmmoniteAmazing Stones - 13

14. Crystals (xenotime, Zircon) Arranged In A Radiating Polished Slice Of Rock – ChrysanthemumstoneAmazing Stones - 14

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15. Purple Geode Druzy StoneAmazing Stones - 15

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