15 Times You Want To Scream At People Saying “You Only Had One Job”

As they say, Humans are born to do mistakes. But, there were some times that you only had one job to do and yet you ruined it. While, there are many dumb people on this planet who do this because they are lazy or stupid enough to complete their job. Yet, there are some smart people who don’t realize that they failed the only job they had to do and that too because of their over smartness. Today, we got 15 of such instances where you wanna scream at people saying, “You Only Had One Job“. Check out these hilarious fails below.

People “You Only Had One Job” & You Did This:

1. At first, I though its an innovation. A minute later, I got to know its Bull Sh*t.You Only Had One Job (6)

2. When you failed in ‘Geography‘ in your High School and later turned out to be an employee at a Clothes Printing Press.You Only Had One Job

3. When everything else is at the Ground Level except your Sense of Humor.You Only Had One Job (16)

4. When the editor fell asleep typing the headlines of a Newspaper.You Only Had One Job (13)

5. While he thought numbering is like 1st, 2st, 3st….You Only Had One Job (4)

6. When you are a newbie at the Departmental Store and don’t want to put extra effort in knowing the name of those ‘Long Yellow Things‘.You Only Had One Job (14)

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7. While in some Parallel Universe, Onions use to look like this.You Only Had One Job (7)

8. When you don’t care about anything in the World and all you need to do is Finish your Work.You Only Had One Job (8)

9. Your School Spelling Contest is going to haunt you forever.You Only Had One Job (11)

10. Why God Why? It was supposed to be my Mid-day meal.You Only Had One Job (5)

11. When you have no idea about the direction in which your life is going on. You Only Had One Job (2)

12. Apparently, the man behind this Job has been Fired.You Only Had One Job (3)

13. Please explain to us, how and who did this?You Only Had One Job (9)

14. When you only had one job to do and you did this.You Only Had One Job (10)

15. Only if you are on some other Planet.You Only Had One Job (12)

Also, let us know if “You Only Had One Job” and yet you ruined it too.