How YouTube Pays Its Creators: A Simple Guide

There are millions to be made by vlogging on YouTube every day. But making money on YouTube can go far beyond unwrapping toys and playing video games.

Do you have dreams of quitting your 9-5 and making your creative dreams come true? Do you wonder if you could make money online? Is it confusing figuring out how the video giant pays its publishers?

If so, then you’re in the right spot. Read on to see how everyday people like you have turned their videos into regular cash flow every month.

How YouTube Money Works and How YouTube Pays

Businesses pay to get their advertisements shown on YouTube videos. The cost varies from industry and niche but on average they pay 18 cents per view and as much as $3 per click. Google then keeps 32% and pays out the remaining 68% to the video publisher.

Many top video publishers make a full-time income through YouTube ad revenue. And while it might not be as easy to get started, once you do then you can still make money on YouTube.

How Much Does YouTube Pay?

So now you might be wondering how much money can you make on YouTube? Well, that depends on several factors. Namely how many subscribers you have and what industry or niche you’re in.

Advertisers in the business and marketing industry will pay more than those in the arts and crafts industry. There is money to be made in any industry, however, with enough subscribers.

But it’s safe to say that with time and dedication, after building a sizable audience, you too can make money blogging online. To learn more, read here to see how to make money blogging.

Examples of Everyday People Making Money Every Day

As mentioned, you don’t have to be a gamer to make money on YouTube. Here are three examples of people using the power of video to make money on the platform.

The Author

From YA writers to those in the Sci-Fi genre, authors everywhere are making YouTube videos. From readings to behind the scenes vlogs. Writers share what it’s like to self-publish and how others can do the same.

The Educator

It can be hard to be a new teacher these days. Luckily, experienced teachers such as Charles Reynolds have created successful YouTube channels helping his peers to manage their classrooms, their time, and their lesson plans.

The Musician

Aspiring artists and more established ones alike can make money on YouTube. More and more people are getting their music online these days. And YouTube uses a system called Content ID to help artists track how many people listen to their music so they can get royalty fees on those listens and likes.

From the top earners making millions to the micro-influencers dreaming of leaving their day job, plenty of video publishers are making money on YouTube every day.

Create Your Future by Creating Videos

As you can see making money on YouTube is still a viable business option. And if you’re willing to work hard and build your brand then you too can make money blogging.

Now that you know how the video platform pays its video publishers, you can start your online dreams as well. It won’t happen overnight. But with consistent effort building your following you too can make money creating videos online.

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