Do You Know What Letter ‘S’ Stands In Samsung Galaxy S Phones?

You may be a big fan of Samsung Galaxy S Phones; their features, technology or designs but have you ever wondered what the word “S” stands for in Samsung Galaxy S phones series? We guess almost all of you are not aware of its real meaning and neither you care about its meaning, right?

What “S” Stands In Samsung Galaxy S Phones?



But, if you are a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S Phone, then you should know what the letter “S” actually stands for. And if you are thinking that the letter “S” simply stands for Samsung, then you are wrong. The letter has a completely different meaning that you can’t even think of. At first, we also thought that the letter “S” stands for Samsung but we are also wrong. You can find out what it really stands below.



You don’t need to dig out the Internet to find what you are looking for. It turns out that back in 2011, Samsung itself actually revealed this in a press release. The letter “S” actually stands for ‘Super Smart‘. Yes, we know that you weren’t expecting that because it is super cheesy but it’s true. The Samsung Galaxy S series is the flagship series for Samsung and we also thought it must have a deep meaning.



So, the letter “S” stands in Samsung Galaxy S series stands for – ‘Super Smart’, the series has now become one of the highest grossing mobile phone series for Samsung. It has already sold more than 50 million units throughout the world.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I didn’t know that and I’m the designer of that S. It was a worldwide all agency call from Samsung HQ in Korea to design the S and mine design was picked. I used the curves from the existing Samsung elipse logo to create the curves and connected them forming the S. It’s no longer in use though. But here is more behind the meaning/reason for Galaxy and the S.

    Super Smart may have been what Samsung said it stood for but it was really a marketing tactic to separate Samsung’s top tier premium device from their lower tier devices. The use of Galaxy was by design as well because it started with a G. It was a plan to turn the conversation from Apple Vs. Android to Apple Vs. Samsung. Apple later had the 3G and then the 3GS which referred to faster networks. Samsung then had the Galaxy S III which was often referred to as the GS3 for short and so on down the line. Apple 3GS Vs. Samsung GS3. Apple 4GS Vs. Samsung GS4 etc. This tactic was really what set the Galaxy S devices apart from other Android devices and had everyone asking Apple or Samsung.


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