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Case studies are an essential element of many university courses, particularly in business-related majors. But you’d be surprised to learn that the topics used for case studies tend to change over time. In the past, case studies tended to focus on heavy industry, but more recently the trend is to focus on high tech topics and topics related to marketing and advertising, particularly as the business world continues to pivot away from manufacturing toward service-oriented modalities. Because of this, case study writing experiences a number of trends. To impress your instructor and to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to know some of the hot topics that are currently among the most assigned and the most written about in case study writing.


Top Trend: Anything Donald Trump

The impact of Pres. Donald J. Trump on every aspect of American and global society, from social issues to economic ones, has led to case studies about Trump and his policies dominating the trend list across virtually every area of the case study. Trump-related case studies are among the fastest growing in universities around the world. These case studies, however, pose some unique challenges both because they have to deal with rapidly changing current events and because the topic can be heavily invested with emotion and can open students to potential bias.


Top Trend: Current Events and Social Issues

Another top trend in case study writing involves anything to do with current events. Current issues such as immigration, gun control, police brutality, and climate change are all trending topics because of their importance to the news cycle and their prominence in both national and international conversations. Don’t be surprised to find yourself asked to explore a current issue for a case study. For business majors, the impact of these topics on businesses and the question of corporate social responsibility when it comes to taking a position on controversial issues is a major and growing trend in case studies.

These top trends cover a vast number of case studies that students are asked to explore in college and university courses, but they are not the only popular case studies from the past few years. In fact, there are some very specific case studies that have generated exceptional interest among students, professors, and professionals.


More Trending Topics for Case Studies

1. Coffee: One of the most unexpected case study trends over the past two years, according to the Yale School of Management, has been explorations of the coffee industry and its supply chain management. Coffee dominates much of the cultural conversation in North America and Europe, particularly in the fall when the annual appearance of “pumpkin spice” generates unusual amounts of news coverage. That this coincides with the fall university semester probably accounts for why so many students are exploring the role of coffee in business and society in their courses.

2. Sustainability: Sustainability is a perpetual and evergreen topic, but with the recent controversy over renewable vs. non-renewable resources and government patronage of them, the question of sustainable development has taken on added interest. Cutting across a wide range of industries, as well as governments at every level, sustainability provides a vast number of potential avenues for students to explore on virtually any topic of interest.

3. Netflix and Streaming Services: While Netflix has been around for a long time, its recent and dramatic increase in spending on original streaming content has created fertile ground for case studies on the sustainability of the streaming business model, as well as the challenges that streaming poses to traditional cable and broadcast television. As more and more students forgo cable for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Now subscriptions, both students and instructors have taken a renewed interest in the streaming ecosystem and its potential impact on the media industry for their case studies.


Case studies are an important way that students are tasked with exploring specific issues, conflicts, and situations in detail, and instructors are constantly looking to keep their case studies current and fresh. Chances are that by the time you read this, some new events will have changed the case study landscape yet again. The only real trend in case studies, of course, is changing. Whatever is new and current is likely to find its way into future case studies, so be sure to pay attention to the news to get a sneak peek of next semester’s case study topics. If you have some issues with academic writing and you need help from experts, don’t hesitate to contact a professional case study writing service for getting your paper done within the deadline you need.


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