Meet Dennis Carlsson: An Artist Who Creates Scary Cartoon Monsters

You know what is the sweetest childhood memory of kids? Most of you are going to agree with us that our sweetest childhood memory is our favourite cartoon characters. We absolutely love those cute and adorable cartoon characters, don’t we? But, what if you tell you that there is a Swedish artist named Dennis Carlson who uses his skills to add a scary twist to traditionally cute and adorable characters. Yes, you read that right he turns these adorable cartoons into scary cartoon monsters.

Well! art is an art, there is nothing like good or bad art. If someone has talent then it doesn’t matter what sort of medium he/she chooses to show it to the world, just like Dennis Carlsson. From our favourite Minions to Tweety, Winnie the Pooh to Pikachu, Carlsson’s illustrations will shake up your spine. Don’t believe us? check out these scary cartoon monsters yourselves:

Scary Cartoon Monsters:

#1 Next time when you are looking to catch Pokemon, think twice.


#2 Who’s scarier, those purple evil minions or this scary minion?


#3 Even Granny will refuse to take care of Tweety this time.


#4 Look at Eeyore, we think he can top the chart of scary cartoon monsters.


#5 Have you ever imagined Winnie the Pooh like this?


#6 Tigger was supposed to look scary but not that scary.


#7 This monster is scarier than the original ‘Mike Wazowski’ in Monsters, Inc. movie.


#8 Our childhood would have been a nightmare if Piglet looked like this.


#9 Are you already feeling scared of these scary cartoon monsters?


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#10 Can you ever imagine Totoro like this?


You can find more of his work at :  Instagram | YouTube.

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