Are You Smart Enough To Solve This Simple Maths Problem?

We are back with yet another maths problem and this time it will surely twist your brain. This problem is so simple that you will laugh after knowing the answer. Let’s see if you can solve this problem. If you are not able to solve this one at the first try, try once again because we assure you that the answer is pretty simple. Just have another look and try to find out:

Can you solve this Puzzle?


Don’t worry, don’t stress your brain so much. It’s so simple. If you can do the addition of the series on the L.H.S(1+4, 2+8, 4+16, 8+32), you will find that the result should be like 5,10,20,40. But, the answer given are 10,20,40,? Just try to find the connection between the actual sum and the given sum, you will find the answer easily.

Still confused? you can find the answer by multiplying the actual sum by 2 i.e 2X40 = 80.

Answer = 80.

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