15 Subliminal Messages In Cartoons Films That Ruined Our Childhood

If we can name one thing that every kid loves, it is going to be Cartoons. We bet there is no one among us who haven’t seen Cartoons in their Childhood. We used to love these cartoons simply because of the innocence of the Cartoon Characters. But, what if we tell you neither your favourite cartoon characters nor their makers are so innocent as you think? Yes, right! you are not going to believe us. But, the makers have included some subliminal messages in cartoons films that are full of s*xual content and we failed to notice any one of those. While most of us don’t have any idea about it, yet others may have noticed a few subliminal messages in cartoons. Today, we have made a list of 15 subliminal messages in cartoons films that nobody has noticed ever. Check out the list below.

1. ‘Lion King’, We never expected that from you. You completely ruined our childhood.


2. If you haven’t noticed it yet, just look at the cloud that loudly says “S*x”.


3. Why Disney Why? Mickey Mouse was my favourite until I saw this.


4. Not sure, what Eddy is trying to find down there.


5. This hidden message in Disney ‘Tangled’ poster will not be a Secret anymore.


6. Ninja Turtles are not far behind from Disney when it comes to showing Adult Content.


7. It was supposed to be a castle of the King and not a symbol of Manhood.


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8. Talking about the morning hard on, cartoons experience that too.


9. We think we shouldn’t add anything here, you can better understand what he is doing.


10. Nothing more to say except he lives in a place called as Bikini Bottom.


11. We are not going to explain what they are doing in this ‘Adult’ scene.


12. If you can’t find what’s wrong in this still from Toy Story 3, just look at the shadow.

Subliminal-Messages-In-Cartoons-Toy-Story13. Please stop it!


14. Not sure whether it is evolution or another ‘S*xual’ Content.


15. It was supposed to be a kid’s show rather than an ‘Adult’ show.


Also, let us know which of these subliminal messages in cartoons surprised you? And make sure to share it with your friends, so that they can find out these hidden secrets too.


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