Top 10 Sexiest & Hottest Hollywood Movies Of All Time

Hollywood has produced some of the hottest movies that the World has ever seen. If you have watched any of these hottest Hollywood movies, then you will agree to the fact that these movies have further reduced the gap between the mainstream movies and the adult movies. These hot Hollywood movies have so intense and passionate love scenes that you will consider watching these rather than any adult movies.

If you ever feel like watching a hot movie that is full of love scenes, then you can refer our list of top 10 sexiest and hottest Hollywood movies. Believe us when we say that you won’t get disappointed after watching any of these movies. Let’s check out these super hot movies that are way too bold for the mainstream cinema.

1. Unfaithful (2002)


Diane Lane proved herself to be a sex symbol with the movie Unfaithful. Imagine a beautiful lady like Lane going in a sexual relationship with a complete stranger and that too outside her marriage. The movie tells us the story of a passionate extramarital affair and that’s why it is one of the hottest Hollywood movies of all time.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)


The latest sensation that rocked the cinema forever and believe us the movie has more sensual scenes than any other movie on this list. Fifty Shades of Grey takes you on a romantic journey in an erotic world. The story revolves around a girl who begins a sadomasochistic relationship with a young billionaire.

3. 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)


One more erotic romantic drama movie on the list, 9 1/2 weeks shocked everyone with a storyline of sexual games and a passionate relationship. 9 1/2 Weeks was one of the very first movies that opened up audiences to the idea of erotic romantic movies. This erotic saga has some memorable kinky scenes that shocked the entertainment industry.

4. Shortbus (2006)


If you are looking for something different in the erotic world, then you must experience this hot Hollywood movie. In Shortbus, it’s not just two or three people involved sexually but you will see many characters performing a variety of explicit scenes and by that, we mean scenes with non-simulated sexual intercourse.

5. The Dreamers (2003)


If there is one movie that we need to pick from this list, then it’s definitely going to be The Dreamers. A young and beautiful girl, Eva Green didn’t care to hide anything from the audience and shot some of the hottest scenes with no clothes on her. Undoubtedly, it is one of the hottest Hollywood movies of all time.

6. Original Sin (2001)


An erotic thriller film that starred young Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, Original Sin is a dream for all of us. The lead pair of the movie didn’t leave a stone unturned to make it the most sensual movie. Young Angie was fabulous in her steamy hot scenes with both male leads.

7. The Notebook (2004)


Called as the most romantic movie of the Hollywood, The Notebook has some of the most passionate love scenes that you will ever see and especially, the rain scene between the lead pair was way too hot. Without much nudity, the movie will still make you go crazy over those passionate love scenes.

8. Lie With Me (2005)


Lie With Me pushed all the boundaries when it comes to incorporating real sex scenes. Yes, you read that right, the movie featured some real sex scenes that shocked the audiences. If you are looking for something raw and pure, then you must watch this erotic drama.

9. American Pie (1999)


You know how much audience love this teen sex comedy movie when you come to know that there are more than five movies launched under the same series name, American Pie. Despite the movies is full of comedy scenes yet it has some of the memorable nude scenes that set a new standard for the upcoming flicks.

10. 9 Songs (2004)


9 songs is an art romantic drama film and it has some of the hottest unsimulated scenes between the lead. You will hardly find any difference between this erotic saga and a porn movie. The movie shows some of the most controversial scenes in the history of Cinema.

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Do let us know if you have seen any other hottest Hollywood movies. Also, watch these sexiest movies and do share your experience with us.


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