10 Bollywood Scandals That Shocked The Indian Film Industry

We all know that Bollywood has some dirty secrets in its kitty but the thing is once these secrets or scandals make their way to the public, it becomes a matter of shame for the whole film industry. While some of the Bollywood scandals that made their way to the public were so shameful that it ruined the careers of many famous celebrities. Be it MMS Scandals or Casting Couch or Rape Allegations, Bollywood has seen it all.

Although scandals are a common thing in today’s world as every then and now, celebrities find themselves getting caught in these scandals. Today, we bring you some of the most shocking Bollywood scandals that shook the entire Indian film industry to the core. Go on have a look at these Bollywood scandals.

Shocking Bollywood Scandals:

1. Riya Sen And Ashmit Patel MMS


Who can forget the infamous Riya-Ashmit MMS clip that came back in 2007? The clip showed some intimate scenes between the duo in which Riya Sen was topless bearing it all. The clip became viral overnight going from one cellphone to another. Later, Ashmit Patel admitted the clip was not fake and got leaked.

2. Shahid Kapoor And Kareena Kapoor MMS


An MMS clip which allegedly showed the ex-lovers Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor smooching got leaked in 2004. Although, both of the stars maintained that the MMS was fake but their fans were of some other view.

3. Shiney Ahuja Rape Case


This one is a pretty nasty one, the Bollywood scandal that shook the entire nation itself and why not; the man playing that plays on-screen hero was accused of raping his domestic help. While many claimed that the allegations were not true and he was being framed. But, later the medical reports favoured the victim and Shiney admitted to the crime.

4. Bipasha Basu And Amar Singh Leaked Audio Tape


In 2011, a controversial tape allegedly having a sexual conversation between politician Amar Singh and the actress Bipasha Basu got leaked. While both of them denied the allegations and said that the voice in the tape was fake but it was no relief as the tape already became so popular.

5. Dibakar Banerjee And Payal Rastogi Case


Ex Big Boss contestant Payal Rastogi accused director Dibakar Banerjee of indecent behaviour when the actress was auditioning for a role in Shanghai movie. The director completely denied the allegations and later the charges weren’t proved in court. However, this Bollywood scandal became one of the dirty scandals out there.

6. Preity Zinta MMS


An MMS of a girl bathing became viral overnight and made its way to the public; the girl in the clip looked similar to Preity Zinta. But, the actress said that the clip is a fake one and she is not the girl in the video clip.

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7. Mika And Rakhi Sawant Kiss


This scandal might be one of the most talked and controversial Bollywood scandals of all time. A video showing singer Mika Singh forcefully kissing item girl Rakhi Sawant at his birthday party in front of everyone became the talk of the town. While the singer said that the girl’s behaviour provoked her but Rakhi took the case to the court and media.

8. Madhur Bhandarkar And Preeti Jain Scandal


The famous director also got his hands dirty when he was accused of asking for sexual favours from struggling actress Preeti Jain. This Bollywood scandal came as an infamous case of casting couch in Bollywood. While the director was acquitted of all false charges later when the actress was arrested for hiring a contract killer to murder him.

9. Aditya Pancholi Rape Case


How can anyone forget the Bad Boy of Bollywood when we are talking about the Bollywood scandals? When Aditya Pancholi was dating actress Pooja Bedi, the actress domestic help who was 15 years old charged Pancholi with rape. It shocked everyone in the Bollywood as it was not expected from the actor.

10. Shakti Kapoor Sting Operation


The last one on this list of famous Bollywood Scandals is the infamous sting operation of the villain on-screen Shakti Kapoor that came out in 2005. The actor was caught offering roles to newbie in exchange of sexual favours.

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Also, let us know if you know any other Bollywood scandals that came as a shock to the film industry.


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