Hilarious & Funny Monday Memes To Lighten Your Day

If you a normal person, we are 100 % sure that you hate Mondays unless you are unemployed and everyday of the week counts same for you. Take anyone for example, a student, a working professional has to leave his comfort of Sunday and then, move to bloody Monday. And the most irritating thing is that Monday comes every week. Everyone you see in your Office/College is half-dead unless you are a work enthusiast. Today, to lighten you day, we got some of the funny Monday memes present on the Internet. Check them out:

Funny Monday Memes:

Yeah! That’s right. Nothing is longer than Monday. For all of Monday hater, Monday don’t seems to end soon. We bet you would be counting hours every Monday in your office or your college.


Yeah! We all have that same expression every Monday morning. We have the feeling that yesterday was Friday only and it seems our Saturday and Sunday memories are lost somewhere.


If Monday had a face, that would be the ugliest face in the world because people would have punched him so hard, just like this man below.


The moment when you are relaxing on every Sunday evening and suddenly, the fear of Monday i.e the next day comes to your mind and that moment is like:


You can do anything – cry, try to run away from Monday, but Monday will not leave you at any cost just like this:


Yeah! Its the same. Weekend before Monday doesn’t last longer than few minutes. You close your eyes and weekend is gone. Now, Monday has arrived to haunt you.


If Monday can ever put the status on Facebook, every f*ckin person in the world would have disliked that. You can’t even count the haters.


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Your face when anyone asks you about your thoughts on Monday and you are like: “Damn it! I f*ckin hate Mondays more than anything in the world.”


Monday will never tolerate the fact that you are happy and cheerful just like you are on Fridays. You will be like:


And at last, when you come to office on Monday and try to smile, you will look like this only”Hilaruois-Funny-Monday-Memes-Images-10

Let us know how much you hate Mondays and if you like these Monday Memes in the comments section below. Also, share this feeling with your friends and loved ones.


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