Smart Packing Tips for Making Your Move Successful

Moving a house is a huge process which includes many tasks. The process of moving seems dreadful to most of people. Packing, organizing, transporting, and setting the new house, the whole process can be daunting. But if you use the tips and tricks given below, moving day might be a lot less stressful:

Find Free Moving Boxes

The first and foremost requirement of packing is the moving materials and the most expensive material is moving boxes. You can easily save a little cash and acquire all the boxes you need for free. You can easily find these boxes at the grocery and clothing stores, and warehouse-style stores. You can even ask family and friends for extra storage boxes if they have any.

Purge Your Extras

Moving is the time when you sort through all your things and belongings, therefore, it’s the perfect time to get rid of any extra stuff you own. See what can be donated or chucked altogether and make an effort to pare down your possessions. It will make your move a little easier and your new home will be a bit less cluttered and more organized place.

Create a Schedule to Avoid Mismanagement

Plan everything ahead, right from hiring local moving companies for packing, loading, unloading & transportation. It is important to defrost, dry the fridge with a towel and then clean it 24-48 hours before moving day. Else it’ll be pretty stinky and leaky and will ruin other stuff around too.

Take Pictures of Electronics and Furniture

Don’t forget to take pictures of your electronics before you unplug all its cords. This will enable you to re-install them right after the move. Also, take pictures of furniture before you disassemble it. This will not only save a lot of time but also save your precious belongings from damage during re-installation.

Use Garbage Bags for Packing Hanging Clothes

There is no need to remove hanging clothes just keep your clothes on the hanger, but wrap them up. Put these wrapped hangers in garbage bags and seal. This way, when you will get to your new abode, simply take off the garbage bags and hang them. Don’t forget to label each bag with the name of the member whose stuff is therein.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Don’t Forget to Pack an Essentials Bag for Day 1 at your new home. Generally, people don’t pack an essentials bag and end up rummaging through several boxes on moving day to get their essentials like toiletries, pyjamas or the coffee maker. So be sure to pack yourself an essentials bag for the first day which may include all your toiletries, some clothes, and even the stuff that you’ll need the following morning such as dishes and silverware.

Pack Your Plates Safely

Being already plate-shaped, foam disposable plates are best for packing your glass plates. Put a foam plate in between each plate in your stack before you pack it all up. And you can even use these foam plates afterwards.

Pack Drawers with Plastics Wraps

You can use plastic wrap to keep dressers drawers shut while moving as during the moving truck jostles them about. Another benefit of packing the drawers with a plastic sheet is, you can leave its contents in there since the drawers no longer have a risk of sliding open.


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