5 of the Most Sensual Movies That The World Has Ever Seen

World Cinema is getting bolder day-by-day. While the directors have the liberty to show what’s real happening in the sex life of a common man. There are many people who completely oppose this type of Cinema. Some people don’t like these erotic movies completely and the idea behind these movies. Yet, there is a significant amount of audience who loves the modern time cinema especially movies full of sex and erotic scenes. If you are among those people, we have prepared a list of Top 5 most sensual movies of all time. Also, these movies are completely no holds barred and contains some of the extreme bold scenes that the world has ever seen. Let’s have a look at those sensual movies.

Top 5 Most Sensual Movies:

1. Nymphomaniac (2013)

It is a 2013 drama art film written and directed by Lars von Trier. Actually, the uncut version of the movie is more than 5 and a half hour long. While the world premiere of the uncut version of ‘Volume I’ occurred on 16 February 2014 at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. The plot revolves around middle-aged bachelor Seligman who finds the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac Joe near his apartment all beaten up. He takes the girl to his home and listens to his eventful story of her libidinous life.

2. Shame (2011)

Shame is a British-American drama movie directed and co-written by Steve McQueen. While it stars some big celebrities namely: Michael Fassbender & Carey Hannah Mulligan. The plot around a man who is in his 30s and is a sex addict. And how, his life disrupts when his sister arrives unannounced for an indefinite stay at his apartment. Moreover, the movie got a NC -17 rating in US because of the film’s explicit scenes reflecting both siblings sexual addiction.

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3. Basic Instinct (1992)

While Basic Instinct is one of the oldest sensual movies. It is a super erotic crime thriller film directed by Paul Verhoeven. The plot revolves around a police detective who is investigating the murder of a Rockstar. And how he got involved in an intense relationship with the prime suspect of the case. Moreover, even before the release of the movie, it got huge criticism mainly because of its overt sexuality and graphic depiction of violence.

4. Secretary (2002)

It is an erotic romance film directed by Steven Shainberg. While the plot revolves around a young woman who is recently released from a mental hospital and got hired by a lawyer. And the situations which led to the employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual and erotic one. In addition, the film was hugely appreciated by the Critics and got a huge number of Awards and Nominations.

5. The Dreamers

Dreamers is a romantic sex movie directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The plot revolves around a young American student who is studying in Paris in 1968, who became friends with a  French brother and sister. Moreover, the movie also depicts the background of the 1968 Paris student riots. While the movie had many sensual and erotic scenes, it deserves to be in this list of most sensual movies of all time.

Also, let us know which one of these sensual and erotic movies is your favourite one.


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