Instagram Video Downloading, No More a Hectic Task

Today video marketing is flooding websites and social media outlets. These days almost any kind of business can benefit from posting a short video. You see videos everywhere, such as on text messages, billboards, televisions, and online advertisements.

No doubt, videos have become prominent among the rising generation but creating them of your own is still not an easy task. However, now you see many already available videos on different platforms like Instagram. These applications enable all the users to go through all the content posted on them, but they have not given a download option.

Hence, even if you watch a perfect video which you would want to use further, you don’t have an option to download it. You might also be struggling because of the same reason!

If you are in search of a way of downloading videos for any purpose, then Instagram video downloader is the answer. We always have read the quote “a good picture is worth a thousand words.” Then a fantastic video must worth a million, right? These days, it appears that consumers admire content containing videos more.

Not only for a single but videos are appreciated for various reasons. Keep reading for video content marketing ideas that demonstrate why video is a better choice than other ways, i.e., text.

1. Video Shows Non-Verbal Communication

Verbal tone along with body language play a broad role while conveying a message. Text material relies on precise word choice and visual features such as emoticons to create the right tone. But with the help of Instagram video downloader, you can download and post the video content from which viewers can quickly determine the message.

2. Video Contains All Other Mediums

Video has the capacity to include all visual and auditory material. A video comprises of a podcast and an article all in one. Also, it includes limitless images, texts, and infographics. No other medium has this capability.

Therefore, posting a video along with textual content will help viewers to understand the message better. Moreover, it can also encourage more people to share it. So even though using diverse means of communication is the best method to reach your audience, and if you only had a single medium to choose, you know which one to pick.

3. Video Induces Shares

As adduced in the previous point, internet users are more inclined to share videos. They are concise, relatable, and quick which are all critical features of being share-worthy. Downloading a specific video from Instagram video downloader and posting it can help you to get more shares. That is also true as per stats. Social video produces 1200% more shares than images and text all together. This number most probably will increase further, as the video is more socially relevant and growing.

4. Video Engages Viewers

With the mixture of sound and visuals, there is not a single thing video can’t do. However, viewers might get reluctant to watch long videos on sites of no use. On social media apps like Facebook or Instagram, you most of the time will see only short videos. By getting them downloaded from a tool, you can engage more audience. You just will have to download plus post only those videos which are interesting and useful for you.

5. Video Produces The Best Search Engine Results

Because there are few videos online as compared to text, they have more chances of reaching viewers who search a keyword. Approximately, videos are 45 times more likely to rank on the first page of a search engine like Google than text results. Videos have low competition because the material is more sensed. So, you can use an Instagram video downloader to stay different from others and get the upper hand. Similar to articles, videos must contain sufficient search engine optimization to rank well on search engines. This comprises of optimizing title, thumbnail, tags, and description.


Conclusively, Video is the medium of futurity. Although podcasts and articles also have a stake, videos can’t be overlooked. If you want your page to reach out to the world, you can do it by uploading a relevant video because the scope of the video in the upcoming time is miraculous.

You are not bound to create your own video but can simply find it from Instagram. Then you can insert its URL in Instagram video downloader, download it, and after editing (if needed), you can upload it. Occasionally you will come across Instagram videos that have been posted as an Instagram Story. In those situations, it’s best to use an Instagram Story Downloader to view and save the story anonymously.

If you are worried about finding a good downloader for Instagram videos, I would highly recommend everyone to use the tool available on Small SEO Tools. This tool is not only free, but you get the videos you want in the blink of an eye.


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