10 Funny People Who Took Things In Their Life Too Lightly

There are two types of people in this world; one who takes things in their life seriously and the others who take things in their life too lightly. While the latter ones lack one most important thing in life and that is Common sense. Someone has rightly quoted that common sense these days is not so common. The people who take their life too lightly often do such things that will make you say WTF. They don’t love their life and that’s why they do dangerous and harmful things.

We all have experienced moments in our life when we have seen someone and thought, “What the h*ll they are doing?”. Today, we bring you some photographs of the people who took things in their life too lightly. Seeing them you will definitely go ROFL and think what’s wrong with these foolish people. Let’s see what these foolish and unique people are doing.

1. Can somebody please tell what the h*ll he is doing with that A.C?


2. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.


3. We guess it’s one of the instances where they say “Do as I say, not as I do”.


4. This guy thinks the thing he’s trying to blow is some kind of flute.


5. Maybe she’s trying to find her brain inside the gun barrel. 


6. When none of your friends takes their life seriously.


7. We guess this monk has some special powers.


8. Now, we know why they say, “Do Not Cut Off the Branch You Are Sitting On”.


9. I guess this man takes things in his life too lightly to live in this world.


10. When using the firecrackers is too mainstream.


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Well, we guess that’s enough pictures of the day and we really hope you are not the one who takes things in life too lightly.


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