10 Actress With Hottest Hollywood Bikini Bodies That You Must See

Ever since the invention of Bikini, Men have been thankful to the inventor of this two piece invention. While women wear the bikini just to enjoy swimming and beaches, men got to see the hot bodies of their babes. Quite frankly, Bikini can be declared as the ‘Invention of the Century‘ according to all the men out there.┬áNothing quite captivates the imagination like the bikini, and never more so than when worn by a celebrity. Yes, Hollywood houses some of the World’s hottest bikini bodies from Megan Fox to Rosie Huntington. We have listed down some of the hottest Hollywood Bikini Bodies that you must see.

We know it’s quite a difficult task when you have to make a list of the hottest Hollywood bikini bodies but don’t worry, we have already done the task for you. Also, we don’t want to kill your excitement, so without taking further time let us check out the hottest Hollywood Bikini bodies that you will love to see.

10. Blake Lively


The Television star Blake Lively known for her role in T.V show Gossip Girl, is already a queen of many hearts. Recently, she put her stunning curves on display by wearing a two-piece suit near a beach and believe us she was looking hotter than ever.

9. Beyonce


Nothing looks better on the famous singer Beyonce than a Bikini. Although she is one of the beautiful faces in the showbiz but she also got one of the hottest Hollywood bikini bodies. The singer often shares her Bikini-filled vacation pictures on her official Instagram account.

8. Kylie Jenner


It’s no secret that the American reality T.V star Kylie Jenner enjoys flaunting her famous figure and to tell you the truth, we can’t blame her for that. Kylie got one of the hottest Hollywood bikini bodies and it’s never bad to display it to the world.

7. Kim Kardashian


If there is someone on the list who knows how to flaunt her body like a pro, then it can be no other than Kim Kardashian. Kim looks fabulous in her slimmed-down bikini body as well as her new over-sized bikini body.

6. Selena Gomez


Looks like our Disney princess has grown up to be a hottie and we can’t thank enough the God for it. What can be a better combination than the cutest face and the hottest body? and when she flaunts her body in a bikini, you can’t take your eyes off her.

5. Rosie Huntington


There must be something good in a girl if she replaces hot Megan Fox in famous Transformers movie series and Rosie Huntington can prove it with her hotness. The Victoria’s Secret Angel surely got one of the hottest Hollywood bikini bodies.

4. Gisele Bundchen


For all of those who don’t know her, Gisele Bundchen is the first billionaire supermodel of the World. While her acting stint in Hollywood is small but she can kill any men on this planet with her hot bikini body.

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3. Megan Fox


Who can dare to forget Megan Fox when you are making a list of Hottest Hollywood Bikini bodies? obviously, we are not the one. We all know that the American actress got the sexiest and hottest body in Hollywood and what can be better than seeing the beauty in a Bikini?

2. Jessica Alba


The hottest celebrity mom and one of the hottest Hollywood actress of all time, Jessica Alba knows how to maintain her super gorgeous figure even after being a mother of two and Alba’s confidence in Bikini adds to her beauty.

1. Kate Upton


It’s time to meet the actress who has topped the list of hottest Hollywood bikini bodies and she is a model cum actress Kate Upton. If you see her pics in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, you will come to know that why she has topped this list.

Also, let us know which one of the actress with hottest Hollywood bikini bodies is your favourite one? If you like the post, make sure to share this post with your loved ones.


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