You Will Go WTF After Reading These Funny Facebook Statuses

This world is full of funny people and the fact is that you can find most of them on facebook. Facebook is a place where you can find every type of people from all over the world. While it’s a tough task to identify those funny people, we have just make it easy for you to identify them. So, here we are presenting some talented creative Indians who just showed that no one can beat them on foolishness. Check out these funny Facebook statuses.

Funny Facebook Statuses:

1. She just got engaged with 21 others along with her fiancée.Funny-Facebook-Status-1

2. Sometimes you can hit a jackpot.Funny-Facebook-Status-2

3. Aaj Pooja kal koi Dooja.Funny-Facebook-Status-3

4. Rare Species Indeed.Funny-Facebook-Status-5

5. Sometimes you can feel Jet Lag in excitement.Funny-Facebook-Status-6

6. Celebrating every Indian festival with your hubby is not a good idea.Funny-Facebook-Status-7

7. When you are not sure of your Gender.Funny-Facebook-Status-8

8. Looks can be deceptive sometimes.Funny-Facebook-Status-9

9. Bas kar pagle. Ab Rulaega kya?Funny-Facebook-Status-10

10. Sometimes you can cross every limit for true love.Funny-Facebook-Status-11

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