5 Ways To Increase Employee Productivity In The Workplace

Workplace productivity is one of the most important considerations for managers, office administrators, and employees of any level. While there are new tools being introduced every day that streamline processes and improve workflows, sometimes the cause of low productivity can be hard to nail down. Here are five ways to increase employee productivity in a tech company office.

1. Take Breaks

You may think that the most productive workplaces are constantly tuned in to work and don’t focus anything else all day. But the truth is, breaks are a necessary part of productivity. Especially within tech companies, where tasks can be especially granular, it’s important for workers to take regular breaks throughout the day.

Breaks allow employees to come back to their work refreshed and to view problems with a new perspective. And, encouraging regular breaks shows that the company values the self-care and well-being of its employees. Happy employees are more productive employees.

2. Reassess Office Design

Sometimes a productivity problem can be caused by physical limitations related to the interior design of an office, or the way that an individual’s office area is arranged. Where are important tools located like printers and copiers? How are cubicles situated? What distractions may exist for employees with workspaces in certain high-traffic areas? Sometimes physical obstructions can cause mental roadblocks as well.

It’s always smart to work with an office designer to make sure that you have the best layout and floor plan possible to keep increasing productivity.

3. Limit Technology

The modern tech workplace is chock-full of technological distractions, from social media apps to games to email to digital chats. To increase productivity, these outlets should be limited, if not totally removed for periods of time. Put cell phones in drawers and don’t bring them out until a task is done.

Remove social media apps from your smartphone if you find you just can’t stop checking it. Vow to avoid looking at your email for one hour. Doing so will help you stay focused and won’t bring you out of your train of thought so much throughout the day.

4. Know When to Delegate

A big problem with workplaces across industries is a lack of delegation. Many managers and executives believe that they know best, and they want to have their hand in every project or task to ensure it’s done correctly. (No one likes a micromanager.) This not only wastes the manager’s time—it also hinders other employees’ ability to learn and to grow in their positions. This means that productivity could be down since one person is handling too much.

Start delegating and taking advantage of the expertise from team members. Give them a chance to show that they can be trusted with a task and can execute it efficiently.

5. Use the Right Tools

Without the right applications, platforms, and technologies, your workplace productivity may not be where it needs to be. There are many cloud-based tools available that streamline processes for teams, including CRM platforms or cloud storage tools that allow documents to be accessible from anywhere. There are many tools that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that can help you automate a process, such as data collection and analysis that will help you make better business decisions.

Another tool that will boost productivity is the use of AI and bots to improve customer experience. Get in touch with an AI contact center to start learning about the benefits of automation.

These five strategies will help tech companies boost productivity and growth. Remember to take regular breaks, reassess office design, limit technology distractions, delegate, and implement the right tools.


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